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An effective plan for selection and the best approach for recruitment of new personnel in an organisation is one of the core functions of Human Resource Management. Under this study, Arcadia Group is the organisation under focus, which has its head office in London (, 2019). Impact of recent allegations made against the Chairman of the company on functions of HRM will be discussed. 

LO: Apply Human Resource Management practice in a work-related context.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Part A
  • Part B
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Unit 3 Human Resource Management (Y/508/0487)

Assignment - Recruitment & Selection within the Arcadia Group

Part A

Question: The design of a job specification and selection criteria for one of the following positions in the for one of the businesses within the Arcadia Group

Arcadia Group is conducting recruitment process for the hierarchical position of Marketing Manager. The job specifications for the post are:
• The individual must be able to evaluate and analyse effective market and consumer trends
• Must be able to analyse competitor products and conduct effective pricing of Arcadia's products
• Must be able to identify various market threats and further, implement effective market strategies to tackle the same
• Must be able to implement efficient marketing plans for product promotions and sales
• Should have the ability to establish proper cooperation among all workers in marketing department and lead them to profound outcomes

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Selection criteria for the Marketing manager:
• Must have proper academic certification marketing management
• A minimum of 10 years experience in marketing procedures in business
• Proper training and knowledge about financial accounting in marketing
• Excel in self-abilities such as communication, decision-making, time management, planning, and leadership
• Efficiently familiar with digital devices and have technical skills such as PowerPoint and Excel presentations

The essential and desirable skills required by the applicant
The skills that must be prevalent in an individual applying for the post of Marketing Manager in Arcadia Groups are:
• Effective planning skills
• Profound verbal and written communication abilities
• Time management abilities
• Responsible and leadership skills
• Research abilities
• Budgeting skills
• Multi tasking abilities
• Innovative approach

Curriculum vitae of two applicants:

Documentation of preparatory notes for interviews

The preparatory notes for the interviews will include the following questions:
• Why are you inclined towards joining our organisation?
• How do you plan to mitigate a negative publicity of the company?
• In your past expertise, what are the technologies you have used to connect with customers?
• What according to you is a proficient brand strategy?
• How do you implement proper cooperation among employees in a department?
• What according to you are key aspects of marketing strategy?
• How have you contributed in successful marketing campaigns in your previous organisations?
• How do you plan to mitigate risks regarding to improper financial acquisitions for marketing?

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Interview notes based on selection criteria
The above interview questions provided relevant information regarding the approach of the two individuals. Moreover, a vivid difference in both their approaches was evident from their answers. In case of the first candidate Stephen John, his inclination towards betterment of employee skills for the betterment of marketing aspects was evident. Moreover, his ethics for marketing are based on traditional strategies and approaches. On the other hand, for the second candidate Mary Wilson was more inclined towards achievement of organisational goals through effective marketing framework. Moreover, according to her digital procedures are the most prevalent approaches for successful marketing.

A justified decision of the candidate selected
With the help of the above interviews, the management was able to ascertain the various skills and approaches of both the candidates. Based on the evaluation, selection of Mary Wilson for the post of marketing manager in Arcadia Groups can be termed as highly beneficial. Three major aspects influence this selection by the employer. First, this individual has higher scale of experience in marketing sector and has more knowledge for various marketing campaigns. Second, her profound financial execution and leadership skills will benefit the company for future prospects. Third, her choice and academic excellence for digital marketing techniques will help Arcadia strengthen its online marketing procedures. 

A job offer / rejection letter template


Arcadia Groups
Colegrave House 70 Berners Street London W1T 3NL
10th October 2019
Subject: Offer Letter for Marketing Manager
Dear Applicant,
We are pleased to offer you employment at Arcadia Groups for the position of Marketing Manager. We feel your skills and expertise will be a profound asset to the organisation
You are asked to join the organisation on 1st November 2019. Please observe the attached handbook, which consists of employee policies, health and retirement benefits. Your monthly salary will be £22000.
In case you to choose to accept this offer please sign, the second attached copy sent with this electronic mail. We are looking forward to your inclusion.
Mark Thompson
(Arcadia Groups)

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Part B

Question: Produce an essay to critically evaluate the new Employment Relations and Human Resources Management processes and practices applied within this assessment.

An evaluation of HRM practices will be done in this section, which helps in maintaining healthy employee relations within the organisation. This is especially important when new additions are made in the existing workforce.

In light of the #MeToo case in relation to Philip Green, it becomes all the more important for HRM department of Arcadia Group to manage employee relations effectively. New employees hired recently would be sceptical when approaching the leaders of the organisations such as managers. As explained by Wilson et al. (2015), effective communication can help to make many aspects of an organisation clear between employer and the employees. The manager can discuss the recent news of the company with complete transparency. However, Mikkelson et al. (2015) discussed that even if the leaders are able to convey their thoughts to employees, surrounding environment of the organisation might act as a hindrance for convincing them.

Job satisfaction is an essential criterion for measuring employee relations within an organisation. Tansel and Gazîoglu (2014) said that satisfaction while working in a company arises when the employees feel that the leaders look after their well-being. The marketing manager in agreement with HR manager can conduct weekly meetings where problems faced by the employees will be discussed. However, Ahmad et al. (2014) demonstrated that it not always possible for the authorities to stick to their commitments. Thus, it might not be possible for the managers to take actions immediately for the problems that were noted in the weekly meetings.

HRM of Arcadia Group needs to perform their functions and role in the organisation effectively to overpower the recent reputation degradation. Lindia et al. (2014) discussed that evaluating the performance of employees by leaders should be done based solely on their work quality and ethics without any discrimination. This type of attitude shown by the manager will help in resolving the doubts of the employees, according to whom Arcadia is an example for favouritism and partiality. Shaout and Yousif (2014), on the other hand, explained that it is extremely difficult to convince all employees by a performance analysis strategy. Thus, the managers of Arcadia need to try their best for justifying the use of a particular strategy for evaluating their performance.

Key functions of HRM also include proper compensations and remunerations made to the employees. Armstrong and Taylor (2014) explained that employees work in favour of the organisation and thus they should be compensated for actions, which were not demanded. For example, the managers of Arcadia Group can offer extra incentives when employees are asked to work overtime. However, Totterdell and Niven (2014) observed that compensations made might result in envy and jealousy among the employees. Thus, it must be made sure that all employees are offered equal incentives for similar functions that they are performing.

When the HR department of Arcadia Group did recruitments for hiring a marketing manager, it had to make sure that logical decisions were made. As explained by Ekwoaba et al. (2015), Selection process chosen by them for screening candidates during recruitment should be fair and offer every candidate equal opportunities. This helps in gaining the most suitable personnel. However, Noe et al. (2017) observed that selection methods could not be an assurance for the future productivity of employees. Thus, processes chosen for selecting candidates should be able to lower the chance of recruiting inadequately skilled employees.

Decisions taken by the HR department and other leaders of an organisation have an impact on its reputation and the whole workforce. Under this section, thought process of the leaders while making decisions regarding working aspects of employees of Arcadia Group were discussed.

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Degradation in the reputation of an essential employee of an organisation can lead to massive changes in its work environment. This was observed in the case study of Arcadia Group where allegations were made against the Chairman. Highlighting the recent events, changes in the method of recruitment and selection by the HR department of the organisation were discussed under this study.

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