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What is Academic Writing? Let's start with explaining what Academic Writing is? Itis also known as scholarly writing which is a prose style and refers to a clear, focused, and concise structured which is backed up by evidence. Its purpose is to help the reader's to understand properly. Academic writing also refers to the expression that researchers use to define their specific areas of expertise and the intellectual boundaries of their disciplines. This has a style and formal tone, but it is not complicated and does not require the use of long sentences and sophisticated vocabulary. Just like complex languages adopted by other professions, such as medicine or law, it is designed to convey meaning about complex ideas or concepts for a group of scholarly experts.

It has a few key elements, which are as follows:

Register or formal styles: The writings should not be in a casual way but, should be in a proper formal manner.

The Plagiarism: Plagiarism can be stated as the wrong approach of another writer's language, thoughts, Idea and representation of them as one's work, which can lead to several consequences.

There are many types of Academic writing, i.e. analytical, descriptive, and critical persuasive. Each of these types has a different language, features and purposes. Let's explain them further. The simplest kind of academic writing is descriptive. Its primary objective is to provide facts and information. The best example would be a report of the results of an experiment or summary of an article. Then comes the critical Writing which is typical for research, advanced undergraduate and the postgraduate writings. It has all the features of persuasive writings which will be explained further. The example can be a literature review that identifies the weakness and strengths of existing results. The instruction required for critical writing includes: debate, evaluate, critique and disagree. Now comes the persuasive writing; it is one step ahead of the analytical writing. It has all the features of the analytical writing which is the information and reorganising information. The instruction required for the persuasive writings is to evaluate, argue, take a position and discuss. Now comes the analytical writing which is used in most of the academic writing. It also includes descriptive writing, but it also requires the re-organisingof the facts and information. The best example can be comparing 2 theories which you might break into several parts. It shows how each theory deals with social context, language learning and how they can be used in each practice.

Academic writing has always been a vital role in the academic arena globally. It serves as a tool of communication that conveys captured knowledge in a specific field of study. Writing academically helps the students to determine, express understandings, focus and think critically on the style and technique. Whenever we think to write, we will for sure look at the previous author's work or idea, and then form our understandings. We cannot always compile what the previous writers have done, but we need to think why it was done and how we can use it in future. We always learn to analyse what we read and come out with what is essential.

Nowadays in higher institutes of learning, it is difficult for the students to explain what they know on complicated subjects if they are not good at academic writings. Essay and writings will allow the students to quickly explain what they understand by using the correct phrases and techniques to make the information followed by others. We should never write one side papers as they do not leave any room for arguments. The academic writings have a firm focus on techniques and styles and how it can be used to convey ideas. If the students thoroughly learn about the styles and techniques of how to write the essays in their early academics, it will become easier for them to write the papers in the university exams.

Students should learn to inspect theories from different viewpoints and then explain what they understand. To think objectively and critically, it is handy for people to learn early in their life, as their ability to look at things objectively is something that will benefit them in real life.

We always take the fact for granted that we write every day on various mediums. For example, you can write a letter to your friend or an update on Facebook, but there are then different levels of writing. Academic writing is a skill that many people don't learn. Even if you were to write a few essays in a school, it does not necessarily make you an academic writer. Before you think to write an academic piece it is important for you to identify how to write; you need to understand what it is.

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