Unit 49 Work-based Experience - level 5 in business

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Unit 49 Work-based Experience - level 5 in busines

Task 1: LO 1. The student should be able tonegotiate industry experiencein the business of the chosen case study and address the following.

P 1.1 - Learner is required to research and evaluate suitable organisations that could provide industry experience

P 1.2 - Learner is required to negotiate with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience

P 1.3 - Learner is required to recognise the business constraints on the work experience offered

Task 2: LO 2. Understand the specific requirements of the placement

P 2.1 - Learner is required to agree and prioritise the tasks and responsibilities involved in the work experience

P 2.2- Learner is required to produce a plan for the work experience

P 2.3- Learner is required to analyse the benefits of the proposed activities to the business and the learner

Task 3: LO 3. Be able to undertake work experience as identified

P 3.1- Learner is required to fulfil the specified requirements of placement conforming to all related codes of practice

P 3.2- Learner is required to produces systematic records of the work undertaken

P3.3- Learner is required to revise the initial plan as required

P3.4 - Learner is required to make suggestions for improvement and review these with the supervisor

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