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Case Study - Marketing Strategy of Reebok

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Question 1: Identify and discuss the segmentation variables Reebok is using for its products? Why are these variables appropriate?

Stephen, Andrew and Galak (2010) cited that the market segmentation is the marketing strategy employed by Reebok for segregating the prospective buyers from each other and aggregation of customers are done in different groups that have common requirements, needs and behaviors. Stephen (2004) stated that the consumers in a market segment have similar response to organizational marketing strategies. The organization can segment the markets on the basis of Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic and behaviorist variables as shown in the figure below.

Reebok (2015) cited that the organization uses a range of market segmentation strategy to segment the customers and suffice their customized needs. The emphasis is given on psychographic segmentation strategy focusing on personality attributes, motives and lifestyles of consumers. Reebok goes a step ahead by changing the lifestyles of people with its segmentation strategy and philosophy of motivating people for staying in shape and connected with sports. The shoe products of Reebok are widely linked with sporting spirit and fit lifestyle. The geographic segmentation of customers is done on the basis of geographic regions such as urban and sub urban regions (Reynolds & Olson, 2001). The organization Reebok has identified that the urban market segment are influenced more by fashion instead of performance and hence latest fashion is emphasized to target the urban markets. Rbk is the new brand of Reebok that is specially used for targeting the urban market segment. The demographic segmentation is primarily done by the organization on the basis of age and gender of prospective buyers so that shoe products can be designed according to their requirements. The organization Reebok has done behaviorist segmentation by end use of its customers (Randall, 2001). The customers can use the Reebok shoes for athletic purpose, sports needs and to match their shoes with current fashion. The variables used by the organization Reebok are very effective as the organization has been able to close in on the market share and is giving stiff competition to the market leader Nike. The market segmentation of Reebok is done on the basis of market size, sustainability, competitive position of organization and existing resources and objectives of Reebok to ensure appropriateness and success of market segmentation (Yoo, Donthu & Lee, 2000).

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Question 2: Which of the three targeting strategies is Reebok applying? Explain fully

The organization Reebok uses differentiated, concentrated and undifferentiated targeting strategies to target the potential customers of the organization.

In undifferentiated marketing strategy same marketing promotions are done for all the potential customers. The undifferentiated marketing for the products of Reebok is done by commercial ads on TV, radio and newspapers (McDonald, 2001). The concentrated targeting is done by the organization Reebok in which the customized promotional message for the shoe products is designed based on the specific market segment requirement. The organization emphasizes on concentrated targeting for prospective buyers of sports spirit oriented customers. The organization has chosen brand ambassadors such as Venus Williams ( tennis superstar), Hamilton that are sports icon for endorsing the products and develop a strong sporting brand image in the mind of prospective customers. The organization Reebok has also signed in lucrative contract with US National Basketball Association (NBA) and US National Football League (NFL) to supply equipments and uniforms which also markets the organization as an organization concentrated to offer sport oriented products (Lenskold, 2003). The programs such as JUKARI Fit to Fly workout have also strengthened the brand image of organization for offering sports and fitness products as well as services. The differentiated targeting strategy has been implemented by the organization recently so that all the market segments can be focused and attracted. For example Hip hop artists such as Sean ‘P.Diddy', Russell Simmons, Jay-Z have been used recently by Reebok as brand ambassadors to promote hip hop fashion clothes and shoes. There has been a paradigm shift in the targeting strategy of organization as urban markets are now become imperative for organization to sustain and grow its market share. The style has been integrated with attitude that is reflected in the targeting strategies of organization so that urban markets can be targeted (Huang & Sarigollu, 2012). The youths of new markets such as China are also targeted with sports products as China has excelled in international sports recently. Yao's House is set up in Shanghai by Reebok for attracting and developing an attitude towards the products of organization as well as framing a positive brand image in the minds of customers (Reebok, 2015).

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Question 3: Identify and critically discuss--- the influences on consumer buying decision process that appear to have the most impact on Reebok's customers' purchase decision.

Baker (2000) said that it is imperative for the organization Reebok that it analyzes the key success factors of consumer buying decision process that have impact on the purchasing behavior of prospective customer to sustain long term business success. The branding of products offerings of organization Reebok by sports persons and celebrities from various streams such as music, arts etc has been very effective in attracting the potential customers (Hoyer and MacInnis, 2001). The commercials and ads of products of Reebok done by brand ambassadors on print media and TV have also helped the organization in market growth and capturing new market segments (Hawkins & Mothersbaugh, 2009). The organization Reebok has also been able to influence the consumer buying decisions by commencing various campaigns for promoting fitness and association of people with sports and integrating these events and activities with its products. The organization has also been able to successfully establish the logo of vector as metonym to its brand and establish a strong brand image in customer perception (Ford, 2002). The organization Reebok has been able to successfully maintain its competitive advantage in the market. However, it is the need of hour that organization Reebok also monitors and amend marketing strategies based on changes in market trends, marketing strategies, customer requirements and competitor strategies. For instance, social media marketing has to play a crucial role in the marketing strategies for organization and framing the consumer purchasing behaviors. In nutshell, effective branding with brand ambassadors, media campaigns, social and sports events integrated with social media activities will aid organization is positively impacting the consumer purchasing behavior in future.

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