Unit 2 Computer Systems - level 5

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BTEC Higher National Diploma In Computing And Systems Development - Unit 2 Computer Systems - level 5

Task 1: Understand the function of computer systems

1.2 With the aid of diagrams (if applicable) explain the function of the main computer hardware and software components such as (CPU, RAM, Hard Disk Drive etc..)?

1.3 Explain the purpose of some system utilities such as (Virus protection, clean up tools, etc.) and Operating system such as (performance monitor etc.)?

1.4 When considering a different type of computer systems you are open with many options, discuss the factors that determines the performance of a computer?

Task 2: Be able to design computer systems

2.1 Discuss the various stages that you would follow in arriving at final specifications of recommended system. You should include Hardware / Software specification

2.2 Justify you selection of Hardware/ Software giving alternative approach, including the justification in choosing the component and alternatives?

Task 3: Be able to build and configure computer systems

3.1 With the aid of diagram if applicable describe the process (step by step process) of assembling a typical personal computer, including the health and safety procedures?

3.2 Installing an operating system can be assumed to be the first step after assembling andpost-assembling a personal computer, Describe in (step by step Process), how you wouldinstall the operating system with mentioning clear documentation process?

Task 4: Be able to undertake routine maintenance on computer systems

4.3 Discuss what needed to be considered before upgrading any hardware or software of an existing computer system. What critical issues should be addressed before any major updates and/or upgrades in an organization?

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