Qualification:- BTEC (RQF) - Higher National Diploma in Computing

Unit No: 10 - Website Design & Development

Assignment Title Web Services Presentation and Guidebook

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • LO1 Explain server technologies and management services associated with hosting and managing websites.
  • LO2 Categorise website technologies, tools and software used to develop websites.

Assignment Brief :-

You work as an apprentice web developer for WiganApps web solutions and marketing company.

As part of your role, you have been asked to create an engaging presentation, to explain the key principals of web architecture.

Your presentation should aim to explain the role of hardware, software, protocols, ISPs, hosting services and search engines in the development, deployment and management of a user interactive website.

The presentation is to be aimed at informing junior staff members on the tools and techniques associated with front- and back-end development, together with the technologies and services required to set up, host and manage a typical commercial website.

In addition to your presentation you should also provide an extended guidebook containing further information for junior staff members or a detailed report containing a technical review of the topics covered in the presentation.

Your presentation should include:

1. Server technologies and the management services associated with hosting and managing websites

(including search engine optimisation).

2. A review of different website technologies supported with the tools and software used to develop websites (including the differences between online website creation tools and custom built sites).

Your extended guidebook or detailed report should include a summary of your presentation as well as additional, evaluated or critically reviewed technical notes on all of the expected topics.

Please review the subsequent grading criteria for more details on the expected elements and topics that need to be included.







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