Unit 24 Employability Skills - Level 5

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Unit 24 Employability Skills

Level 5

Task 1

A. Discuss how you would develop your own responsibilities and performance targets based on your experience of working in an organisation.

B. Using a specific situation you may have encountered, critically examine what you would have recommended for improvement or had taken any action to improve your performance

Task 2

A. Analyse a work based situation of yours and discuss how you would identify and suggest solution or you had identified and suggested a solution.

B. Identify and evaluate the various approaches and style that you would use  to  communicate  a  work  based  problem  to  your  peers  and supervisors using your own experience.

C. Examine the various time management strategies and analyse how you would manage your time and why.

Task 3

A. Explain the roles people play in a team and how they can work together to achieve shared goals

B.  Identify and discuss alternative ways to complete a task as team and achieve the goals.

Task 4

A. Investigate and analyse with appropriate tools and techniques one work- based problem in your work environment and develop strategy to resolving the problem with justification.  Now assess the potential impacts of implementing the strategy on the business.

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