Qualification - BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing

Unit Name - Professional Practice

Unit Number - Unit 03

Assignment Title - Professional Practice

Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate a range of interpersonal and transferable communication skills to a target audience.
Learning Outcome 2: Apply critical reasoning and thinking to a range of problem-solving scenarios.
Learning Outcome 3: Discuss the importance and dynamics of working within a team and the impact of team working in different environments.
Learning Outcome 4: Examine the need for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and its role within the workplace and for higher-level learning.

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Aim: This coursework is designed to demonstrate the broad understanding and knowledge of the module, assessing and evaluating the student's strength and level of analysis; divided into four learning outcomes. The coursework should be submitted as one document in a report format in final submission.


The prime motive of the paper is to create an online event and discuss all the features of the platform to top corporate clients. Based on the given scenario, Hopin is an online event platform where individuals can develop engaging online events that connect people all around the world. The platform offers the ability to users to create event experiences over a range of segments that are convenient to number of individuals. Hopin is a platform for persons to make better connections for better planet. An online training event will be launched in the platform for the corporate clients which involve stress, trauma and resilient training that help managers within the firm to support their teams properly during uncertain times. The key stakeholders will be informed regarding the way event would be organized. Different problem-solving techniques will be used for overcoming challenge encountered by Hopin when handling previous online events.


In the planning stage you must inform the key stakeholders (Managers, colleagues, clients, etc) about how you will organise this event. Please ensure you include the following:

1. Email to your manager /founder to report your progress


Informing the key stakeholders regarding organizing of the event
Email to manager
To: Manager
From: IT consultant
Subject: Online training event
Dear Sir,
The online training event is organized mainly for managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to enhance staff welfare and raise productivity on the team. Current events and living in covid-19 world have increased stress and maximized the impact of trauma across the workplace. The event will be organized in such a manner that all the target audience from across the world engage in it and obtain opportunity to understand the signs of stress and trauma and gain practical tools to assist team increase resilience along with efficacy at work. The event will be organized by setting clear goals and objectives, developing agenda, schedule and weekly planning for around 8 weeks. Hopin platform is selected for developing the online training event which offer opportunity to individuals to engage in virtual event and acquire online experience.

2. Email to potential Guest Speaker


Email to guest speaker
To: Guest Speaker
From: IT consultant
Subject: Online training event
Dear Sir,
The online training event is organized mainly for managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to enhance staff welfare and raise productivity on the team. Current events and living in covid-19 world have increased stress and maximized the impact of trauma across the workplace. The event will be organized in such a manner that all the target audience from across the world engage in it and obtain opportunity to understand the signs of stress and trauma and gain practical tools to assist team increase resilience along with efficacy at work. The event will be organized by setting clear goals and objectives, developing agenda, schedule and weekly planning for around 8 weeks. Hopin platform is selected for developing the online training event which offer opportunity to individuals to engage in virtual event and acquire online experience. An agenda will be developed for the online event to organize properly in which goals are stated.

3. Professional schedule and weekly planning of the event for 8 weeks


Week 1

8:00 am

9:00 am


9:00 am

10:00 am

Group presentation  

10:00 am

11:00 am

Keynote speech

Week 2

10:00 am

10:15 am

Session 1

10:30 am

11:00 am

Inclusive training event breakout

Week 3

11:00 am

12:00 pm

How stress and trauma affect brain

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

Develop network across people and impact positively

Week 4

11:00 am

12: pm

Increase ability to identify signs of stress and trauma among members

1:00 pm

2:00 pm

Offer tools to navigate difficult conversations

2:00 pm

3:00 pm

Acquire knowledge of all practical tools

Week 5

9:00 am

10:00 am

Session 2

10:30 am

11:30 am

Revision of learning acquired during session 1

12:00 pm

1:30 pm

Consider the impact of stress and trauma on people

Week 6

11:00 am

12:30 pm

Deliver strategies and techniques to use

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

Discuss ways to foster supportive and safe environment for all staff

Week 7

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

Discuss ways to foster supportive and safe environment for all staff

4:00 pm

5:00 pm

Improve employee welfare and increase productivity in team

Week 8

10:00 am

11:00 am

Deliver experience in overcoming stress and trauma and build resilient team

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

Understanding best practices for supporting workers build resilience

4. Agenda for the online event (including the topic you are presenting)



Online training event - Stress, trauma and resilience training


To make audience aware of the signs of stress and trauma

To make audience understand the use of tools to develop resilience among team members

To foster supportive and safe environment for team in the workplace

Target audience

Managers, clients, supervisors and team leaders

Number of session

Two sessions

Virtual event

Facilitated virtually through Hopin online platform

Time management is referred to the approach of planning and balancing time between diverse activities. Time management skills are recognized those skills that assist in using time efficiently and achieving desired outcomes. It also aid in allocating time properly for organizing the online event and conduct the event efficiently. Besides this, communication skills are recognized the critical element of success in life. Efficient communication promote trust and make plan to organize the online event clear to others.

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Hopin has encounter a few Challenges when Handling previous online events. Your manager has given you a list of them (see below) and you have been requested to choose 1 of them and demonstrate how you would overcome it. You must apply two different problem-solving techniques, justifying the range of solution methodologies that you used.


Application of two problem-solving techniques
Hopin has faced challenges when handling previous online events. The online event platform face challenge in designing and delivering the event which can be overcome by using different problem-solving techniques. One of the significant problem-solving techniques is the Five Whys which discover the fundamental cause and effect of specific problems. The key goal of problem solving technique is to identify the root cause of an issue by successfully asking the question ‘Why?' This technique is beneficial to use for overcoming the challenge of designing and delivery of the online event (Allen et al., 2021). The five whys is beneficial to understand the inner workings of issues since it is simple to use and reveal the root cause.

Another problem-solving technique that can be used for overcoming the challenge is FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis). FMEA is considered the technique or methodology used to evaluate the process to take actions to decrease failures while beginning continuous improvement. In addition to this, the advanced problem-solving technique let the individuals to solve issue easily by analyzing the key elements and take preventive actions for failure (Tennent et al., 2019). All the steps involved in the FMEA technique are required to be followed for overcoming the challenge occurred during the designing and delivery of the online event.

Your discussion must demonstrate the critical reasoning you applied for the solution as well as the different techniques that you used.

Justification for the techniques used for the challenge

The Five Whys technique is selected for the challenge because it assists in identifying the root cause of the challenge faced by the online event platform. This technique is highly beneficial for understanding the process that can cause a chain of issues and determining the relationships between different causes. Five whys can be used by Hopin for overcoming the challenge and develop future online events effectively.
Problem - Designing and delivery of online event
Why? - Lack of strong internet connection
Why? - Not considering quality and speed of Wi-Fi connection and power sources
Why? - Having a holistic perspective
Why? - Insufficient skills of group members
Why? - Lack of clear goals and success criteria

Considering the Five Whys technique, the problem of designing and delivering the online event can be solved by following the 5 Whys. The technique follows different steps such as:
• Assemble a team who are familiar with the problem and the process
• Discussion of the problem with the group and develop a clear and brief problem statement
• Asking the group why the problem is arising. It help in generating a large number of probable causes and clear confusion.
• Then asking questions to the team from different lanes to determine the root cause of the problem and enable to identify solution.

Another FMEA technique is used because it assists in understanding the processes in detail and highlight the risks along with counter-measures. The steps involved in the technique are reviewing the procedure, brainstorm probable failure modes, probable effects of each failure, severity rankings, occurrence rankings and detection rankings. Besides this, this technique allows the team to collect knowledge and enhance the quality as well as reliability of the procedure (Park et al., 2020). It is also selected because it help in tracking the risk reduction operations and minimize development time of the procedure. By applying the steps of FEMA technique, process involved in the implementation and design of online event will be reviewed. Then, the possible model of failure of designing online event will be brainstormed. Then, the impact of each failure will be identified in the third step of the technique. Then, rank will be given to each possible failure or cause of the problem based on severity, occurrence and detection.

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You are opening the online event with a group presentation. This is an opportunity to work as part of a team on the creation and delivery of a presentation on how team dynamics can contribute to create successful online events. It is expected that the group explain and assess how the team worked together for the preparation of the presentation.
Individually you must reflect on your experience as team member and discuss the concept of team dynamics and its importance in the success or failure of group work.


Importance and dynamics of working in a team

Team dynamics generates great impact on creativity, it improves productivity and effectiveness. There are several benefits of having team dynamics such as improved results, greater collaboration, faster-decision making and greater commitment. A team is naturally potential for doing better results that we are clearer, focused on their work. Greater cooperation and collaboration team work is more supportive and informal atmosphere (Leo et al., 2021). To make faster decisions, the team members must listen each other decision and suggestions. Greater commitment of team member is to feel more valued that they pay back loyalty workers. Team improving dynamics are crucial for development of strategies so that team can improve their work easier and can follow simple strategies. To know a team first of all members must learn 4 phases by which a team goes through. It will help the members and the team to overcome problems. Roles and responsibilities helps to manage the work processes within a team and to get clear with the directions (Noguera et al., 2018). Team members and the IT consultant generally uses various skills to build and boost activities which enhances their unity and strengthen it. Also, the Hopin team and the IT consultant should keep commutations with everyone because when decision changes they can quickly share the news within themselves. Development of the Team programs can help to understand the team members better and it also helps to improve the team dynamics team by working together.

Impact of team working in different environments
Workplace culture on teamwork is crucial as it helps in bringing more profits for the organization. Most teamwork is effective on the field that can actually to see well planned structure to operate. The biggest teamwork business company is always happy with the employees by the outperform competition that they provide with more productivity. Creative and innovative Ideas enables various teams to work together in an open culture for the best breed of environment and innovation (Chiang et al., 2021). A team produces different ideas points to providing views a solutions of spectrum. Loyalty and boosts in sense of morale creates a team works together to promote it successfully positivity which can run positive feelings to improve own performance. Loyalty of a team affects the company's culture which is seen as top talent and found in job seekers to move for a better culture and environment. Being efficient to customers helps to promote allows the people to play their strength to highlight their weakness (Prebot et al., 2019). The work becomes easier while working in a team as it helps in dividing the entire work within the concerned team mates.

How team dynamics help in bringing success for an online event
Team dynamics helps in solving the issues which comes during the execution of any work processes and it also enhances the quality of the decision taken by the entire team. There are many factors that holds a group to stay back. Firstly, speaking up regarding any particular concern or issues within a team becomes difficult. Another thing is that it is hard to contribute efforts for people to all the sessions (Mudannayake et al., 2019). Proper means of collaboration and cooperation between the team members due to excellent group dynamics can help in bringing the desired success for an online event. The Central management of team helps in achieving the set targets for the entire company and it fosters the overall performance of the group by arranging the tools required to execute the events online. Team members and group leaders sometimes can contribute towards developing of responsibility among the members with different roles to demonstrate the tools required to execute the online event. There are different types of common problems and issues while executing work processes which must be avoided to bring the desired success for any online event for different corporate clients (Ribeiro et al., 2019). Weak leadership affects the work processes within a group and dominant members can take effective charges on them. Excessive difference to authority can happen when people wants to get seen with the leaders and on that time they hold back expressing their own opinions.

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This particular task surely has demonstrated the importance of complementing your hard skills and competences with transferable and soft skills that would help you to handle other similar business activities. Therefore, it is time to look at your options in terms of continuous professional development. Complete your report with a discussion about how important is CPD for your success and what is its real contribution to your own learning.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and its contribution to own learning

CPD is important because it confirm that individual continue to be competent in profession. CPD assists in enhancing the capabilities in the workplace and support in preparing for the jobs of the future. CPD is vital for making a meaningful contribution to the team by becoming more efficient in the workplace. It also lead to increased public confidence in professionals and contribute to the improvement of quality of life. It also help in enhancing learning ability and promote independent learning and demonstrate commitment to professional self-improvement (Kojongian et al., 2020). Moreover, CPD contributes to own learning effectively by enhancing the existing skills while minimizing the shortfalls and thereby, offering a competitive edge for professional. CPD is considered a combination of ideas and approaches that assist in managing own growth and learning. These skills can be gained through courses by formally or by informally or by receiving proper training.

Some professionals use formal training that is required to develop their work activity. Cooperation and collaboration among the individual persons helps in boosting the growth of any business whether it's online or off-line. In other cases CPD is used informally to improve the learning capacity of the team members by professional experts. The process of CPD helps to identify act of people's developments so that the skills can be developed like learning activities in a circular series (Gloor et al., 2022). Also, CPD can be explained as to be the processes of identifying their development needs of planning and carrying out their activities for applying and sharing it with other people. It also helps in maintaining professional skills and documenting regarding the execution of work group activities.

Development plan for future goals
The skills and knowledge of the employees should be effectively utilized in order to plan and achieve their future goals. The utilization of learning during the team events will help in fostering the growth of the entire team as well as the whole project or event. The knowledge, experiences and understanding of the concerned subjects are considered as vital because it helps in increasing the performance level of the employees to achieve their future goals. Moreover, there will be use of workshops and work based learning programs that will help in boosting and executing the plans for future. Furthermore, the use of CPD helps in providing the desired knowledge for dealing with different complex situation as per the work scenario. Each of the employees or the team members must be communicated regarding their role and execution concerning the work processes. There are certain crucial things which needs to be included within the future development plan for the employees, such as the skills gap analysis which will help in underdoing the desired gap within the employees that should be improved. Secondly, there must be identification of the career and leadership growth for the employees so that they must be provided with proper opportunities to showcase their talent (Gloor et al., 2022). Thirdly, the employees should align with the goals of the company and adopt as per the work scenario concerning the latest trends throughout the market segments. Moreover, there will proper user of motivational theories to motivate them by providing proper means of incentives, rewarding programs and by promoting them to higher posts. These will help in achieving the future goals of the firm and will increase the market share of Hopin by bringing more potential clients throughout the concerned market segments.

CPD Plan


Performance objectives

Needed skills

Knowledge and learning

Work with clients and define the scope of the work

Establishing collaborative relationship with clients

Communication and collaboration skills

knowledge of different communication styles to effectively design event

define network, hardware and software requirements

Solve problems quickly

Problem-solving skills

Knowledge of interpersonal skills and time management skills for planning an event

Build agreed solutions and implement new systems

Ensure attention to build the project

Good teamwork skills

Knowledge of different problem-solving techniques to solve problems easily

Plan timescale and resources as required

Embrace right attitude

Interpersonal and flexibility skills

Learning the significance of teamwork in diverse situation

Design and monitor systems for online networking events

Take advantage of training sessions to advance skill set

Organizational skills

Knowledge of different roles played to achieve key performance

Compare and contrast different motivational theories and impact on performance

Incentive theory is the motivational theory that is used for recognition and rewards. This theory is to display to a certain behavior to a specific results (Brand and Cheval, 2019). For examples bonus can be used as a reward based on the performance of the employee, praise can be useful for the employee by giving proper feedback, opportunity can be given for continuing their education, promotions can be given to the employee, salary wage acts as an incentive to the management terms and conditions and paid vacation for the employees. Moreover, the McClelland's theory reflects that there are three different needs to specific the people motivated feels (Fanselow, 2018). Three different theory are needs for affiliation to affiliate human proposes to a group of people that they can helps managers to identify employee, needs of achievement. Some of the employee maintain high standard work to enhance their performance.

Comparing it with competence theory it has been seen that is the process where people often gets engaged in any specific activities. It motivates them to feel the competent which may increase and encourage them to learn depth of the information (Dostert and Müller, 2021). Expectancy theory is to suggest the people that they can perform in a certain action to obtain the preferred outcomes. It also reflects that they can apply for they expectancy theory if they are interested to improve their productivity and efficiency. But the Maslow's hierarchy theory is a psychological outline for the need of a person to meet their desire to progress more (Shepard et al., 2018). There are five levels that are physiological needs to basic survival which they can ensure in work setting to fulfill their needs. Next is safety which refer to protection to the employees to remain safe in workplace on this job. Socialization meets that they employee can accept coworkers and to make friendship at job groups. To fulfill this needs of opportunities bond of hosting employee team activities.

To compare all the theories, competence theory helps to engage in skills, intelligence and specific activities but the Expectancy theory facilitates to think of those action that may leads to outcomes and to improving their productivity and the last one is Maslow's theory which helps to psychological outlines that people can meet their orders (Yunadi et al., 2020).

Hopin provides a desired platform for various clients to arrange their concerned business events online to their own targeted audience. Being an IT consultant it becomes my core responsibilities to explain the use and the benefits of the tools provided to the clients and corporate business firms so that they can arrange the interview of their choice. The paper critically reflected the act that team dynamics plays crucial role in solving the issues which sometimes comes during the organizing of an online event. Incentive theory is a motivational theory and the benefits are bonus, praise, opportunity, promotion, salary and paid vacation, whereas McClelland's theory has different process need for affiliation and need for achievement. Moreover, professional development among the staffs boost the overall effectiveness for the entire event and generates positive impact on the team.







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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria




LO1 Demonstrate a range of interpersonal and transferable communication skills to a target audience

P1 Demonstrate, using different communication styles and formats, that you can effectively design and deliver a training event for a given target audience.


P2 Demonstrate that you have used effective time management skills in planning an event.


M1 Design a professional schedule to support the planning of an event, to include contingencies and justifications of time allocated.


D1 Evaluate the effectiveness and application of interpersonal skills during the design and delivery of a training event

LO2 Apply critical reasoning and thinking to a range of problem-solving scenarios


P3 Demonstrate the use of different problem-solving techniques in the design and delivery of an event.


P4 Demonstrate that critical reasoning has been applied to a given solution.

M2 Research the use of different problem-solving techniques used in the design and delivery of an event.


M3 Justify the use and application of a range of solution methodologies.



D2 Critique the process of applying critical reasoning to a given task/activity or event.

LO3 Discuss the importance and dynamics of working within a team and the impact of team working in different environments

P5 Discuss the importance of team dynamics in the success and/or failure of group work.


P6 Work within a team to achieve a defined goal.


M4 Analyse team dynamics, in terms of the roles group members play in a team and the effectiveness in terms of achieving shared goals.


D3 Provide a critical evaluation of your own role and contribution to a group scenario.

LO4 Examine the need for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and its role within the workplace and for higher level learning

P7 Discuss the importance of CPD and its contribution to own learning.


P8 Produce a development plan that outlines responsibilities, performance objectives and required skills, knowledge and learning for own future goals.


M5 Compare and contrast different motivational theories and the impact they can have on performance within the workplace.


D4 Evaluate a range of evidence criteria that is used as a measure for effective CPD.

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