Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership - Pearson BTEC Certification


This course is designed for the current managerial positions which would be inclined to give a gainful insight of the employment part to the senior manager and directors that can help to find and pursue the Pearson BTEC Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership course informative. This would be designed with the help of technical skills along with the key knowledge that can also help to attain senior management positions.

The Pearson BTEC Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership course would be obliged and suitable for the career to progressively  move into a qualified suitable job role


Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to derive and abe able to value the roles and responsibilities required for leadership and management.
  • To be able to dissect and understand the strategic planning required for the organizations.
  • Internal along with an external factor required to create an impact on the organization. To understand why?
  • To be able to correlate and understand the role of strategic planning along with a significant impact of the organizational goals.
  • To develop a critical path for the similar vocational training or pursue employment opportunities required for the qualification.

Access Duration

The main agenda for the course would be completed within the span of the 12 months and it would be designed into a self-paced and would be online trained.

Method of Assessment

The Pearson BTEC Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership would be scored as a 230 TQT, 23 credit along with the 117 guided learning hour (GLH) qualification required with the four modules.

Mandatory Units

  • Unit 1: Principles of Management and Leadership
  • Unit 2: Strategic Business Management and Planning

Optional Units

  • Unit 3: Strategic Decision Making
  • Unit 4: Marketing Management

It would be important for the learner to be able to transform into successfully passed assessment opportunities.

  • TO be able to derive a standard determined and required for the assessment criteria
  • To understand the learning outcomes

It would be best advised for the qualifications to be far designed successfully for an internal assessment assessed.

Course Highlights

The Pearson BTEC Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership would be developed into the below core roles

  • To be able to deliver and be able to engage with learning that spirit and form an adequate form of the skills and techniques along with the persistent  form of the personal skills and attributes related to the successful performance
  • To be able to derive a nationally recognized Level 5 and it would be a vocationally-related qualification
  • To develop into employment and subsequently be able to reach senior management roles
  • To develop into a general and/or vocational qualifications and would be able to purse the Finance, Marketing, Recruitment along with the key Selection; required for the leading and management that would be reviewed within the specific vocational sector

Course Description

  • Qualification type: BTEC Professional qualification
  • Qualification title: Pearson BTEC Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership
  • Level: Level 5
  • Accreditation status: Accredited
  • Guided Learning Hours (GLH):117
  • Credits: 23
  • Total Qualification Time (TQT): 230
  • Qualification number (QN): 601/3803/8
  • Availability: UK and International


It would be best to understand how to pursue the course designed by the Pearson BTEC Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership.

Awarding Body

Pearson BTEC is recognized to be a leading company that is operating globally. The key focus is to improve one's opportunities in life. For the Pearson who would equally be able to lead and also contextually be able to pursue educational organizations that can help to pursue the learners content along with facing curricula, assessment, and training. With the BTEC course, ti would be aimed to provide an edge for a self-employed or willingness to enter the top university.


The pursuance age should be  19 and needs to fulfill the below criteria

  • The Level 4 qualification (or equivalent) / Mature applicant pursuant would be the attainment of the A level (or equivalent) along with having relevant experience in the middle management role that can help to support the middle management experience that can help in the paid or voluntary capacity.
  • English should be the first language, if not, then one should oblige to give the Proficiency test.

The application documents would be reviewed upon submission and on a nonsubmission, it would result in nonacceptance of the application. 

Career path

With the attainment of the course, an individual can explore its life and pursue what it offers. The course is designed to accomplish the core offer learners content, curricula along with the assessment and training.