Business Research Project

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Unit 4 Research Project

Business Research Project

Task 1:

1.0 Research Title

1.1 Project specification

1.2 Factors that contribute to the process of research project specification

1.3 Critical Review

1.4 Research for project specification

1.5 Plan for research

Task 2: Find out about how these people think of the Romanian food. the management of the Romanian Restaurant about the excitement of the customers towards them.

Matching the Resources:

Concept of the Restaurants:


Management of Restaurants:

Target Market and its Marketing:



Research Philosophy:

Research Approach:

Research type:

Research sample:

Data Collection:

Research Limitations:

Record and Collate Relevant Data:

Task 3:

3.1 Use appropriate research evaluation technique

3.2 Data analysis and interpretation

3.3 Recommendations

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