Qualification - BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing

Unit Name - Professional Practice

Unit Number - Unit 3

Unit Level - Level 5

Assignment Title - Continuous Professional Development

Learning Outcome 1: Examine the need for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and its role within the workplace and for higher level learning.

Assignment Brief

Having completed the Training Event Management project in the previous assignment you now need to reflect on your experience and consider your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) needs.

Employees need to develop and improve their personal skills and qualities over time in order to survive successfully in their respective work fields. This is applicable to the workers of every industry or department and they need to keep on with the process of learning their respective skills to have continued personal development. The paper follows on with the process of Continuing Personal Development or CPD and how it can be utilized in regular life to improve workplace effort and bring about self-improvement will be discussed. With the help of proper theories and models, the concept is detailed in the sections below, and that has helped in the proper evaluation of a development plan for management trainees and others.

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Part 1 Consider your personal and/or career goals and identify your CPD needs and what actions would put you in a position to achieve these goals. Produce a development plan outlining your future goals and identifying how these can be realised.

Scrutinizing Continuing Professional Development for a higher level of learning
Professionals who are working in various fields have the need to acquire new as well as modified skills on a regular basis along with proper knowledge that will help them in their path to advance their individual careers (Eva et al., 2016). This is where the concept of Continuing Professional Development comes into consideration, and it already is non-negotiable when dealing with fields like accounting and it also is highly beneficial in many other departments. The process can maintain as well as enhance the skills and knowledge of a trainee of event management in order to complement the current job role that the employee is performing so that the worker is able to achieve progression in their future career (Eva et al., 2016).

The term is used in order to describe the activities of learning in which the professionals involve so that they can develop themselves regularly. In a workplace, this process can be initiated and continued through well define strategic planning that would include aspects such as workshops, opportunities of informal learning, courses as well as vocational education, which would lead to the development of skills that are career related. In the field of management, it is currently quite significant and compulsory to fulfill the requirements of Continuing Professional Development (Ford, 2017). It not only helps to keep track of the necessary talent to fulfill the job role and be relevant to the field of work but also boosts the value of all the potential workers.

The need for the process to exist in the workplace is multidimensional and it comprises of aspects such as:
- The concept is quite a significant criterion for the promotional notions in the workplace.
- It facilitates the career prospects of individuals who have started out and wants to make a name in the workplace (Ford, 2017).
- It helps in the fulfillment of the highest potential of an employee.

However, the proper incorporation of the process within the workplace has to be checked and the aspects of timing, as well as the availability of the options to involve with the concept, needs to be provided. The fulfillment of any vacant post within an organization can be done through the process as it will allow the employment of enhanced talents (Gil and Mataveli, 2016).

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Discuss the importance of CPD and its contribution to self-learning
Continuing Professional Development is significant not only for the employees who are trainees or are just starting out in the professional field but is also vital for the people who have been working in the industry for years so that they do not lag behind any of their colleagues, or they will be losing the edge (Jurburget al., 2017). It contributes to the aspects of self-learning and is an obligation that is career-long for the professionals practicing it (Jurburget al., 2017). Its importance lies in the following facts:
• It helps an individual to keep up the pace of the work field similar to the other employees as well as with all the current standards of the workplace.
• It ensures that individuals are able to maintain as well as enhance their respective skills and knowledge that they need in order to deliver their professional duties and services to their clients, community, and customers too.
• It keeps knowledge relevant as well as up-to-date (Maciàand García, 2016). CPD keeps employees aware of the trends and the directions that are changing so that their current skills do not become obsolete.
• It defines the aspects of professionalism and its impact on one's career.
• Technology and knowledge of the profession can be advanced.
• Increases the level of public confidence as a professional, which contributes to self-learning.
• Helps in the improvement of the quality of the worker's life, the property, environment, and sustainability as well as the economy of the person (Maciàand García, 2016).

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Preparing a development plan
Personal development is the improvement of oneself with the help of some conscious activities as well as habits to be able to pursue personal growth that will eventually improve the quality of the life of the employee and will help them to achieve all their aspirations and dreams (Mavin and Roth, 2015). It has to be an ongoing process, and the plan goes as follows:
• Proper self-assessment of the members of the staff by identifying their skills, interests, personalities, and values. Form of personal planning can be used to locate the opportunities and the technological interests involved. Using modern systems to invite or communicate can be processed.
• Development of the assessment of the personal skill levels such as social and technical skills as well as attitudes and attributes like abilities, mindset, point of view, etc.(Mavin and Roth, 2015). This includes the understanding of the communicative skills required to carry on as an event manager.
• Assessing the needs and the performance objectives of the department including individual, team and departmental goals. Preparing for a successful event along with a proper budget is essential as a goal.
• Exploring all the opportunities for development such as new projects as well as acquired responsibility, educational and volunteer opportunities, mentorship, etc. (Nguyenet al., 2018).
• Recording as well as analyzing progress through observing the enhanced knowledge and skills and their way of application. This helps in the self-realization of every aspect that the employee has learned so far and what more is to be done in order to fulfill the responsibilities of the management criteria and improve the performance levels in order to achieve the goals. It will also help in the building of an ability to lead a team and manage big events on one's own in the future (Nguyenet al., 2018).

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Part 2

Conduct some research into motivational theories and how they can be used to improve employee performance. Compare a number of theories and present your findings to your peers.

Comparing different motivational theories and their impact on performance

Motivation is a very significant aspect that has to be cultured within the workplace in order to improve efficiency and effort as well. The aspect of inspirational as well as effective leadership gives rise to the center of influence within the workplace (Rudolph, 2016).Human beings are complicated and to apply the aspects of the steps of motivation is quite hard. Therefore, there are a few strong theories or concepts that have been evolved over time, which can present the proper way to motivate the employees in the workplace. These theories are discussed in details below along with a clear comparison between their methods (Gucciardiet al., 2015).

1. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
It was stated by Maslow that the needs and the desires of an individual can be expressed through a pyramid or a hierarchy of sort. According to him there are a few basic needs that a person has and focusing on that can improve his motivational aspect. These needs can be detailed as:
• The physiological needs of a person such as the need for a clean as well as a comfortable area to work in (Gucciardiet al., 2015). This can be achieved through the formation of an ethical and peaceful workplace.
• The need to have proper security is what employees worry about constantly in the world of competition.
• Social need like the desire to feel included and to maintain a good relationship in the working environment (Stevenson et al., 2016).
• The feeling of self-esteem is vital for every worker. It needs to be identified and improved through awarding status as well as rewards.
• The need to be self-fulfilled with the opportunities for the growth of an individual.

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2. Herzberg's Hygiene Model
Herzberg had a more compact solution to the issue of motivating employees. According to him, there are two factors are significant while considering the improvement of motivation (Safaet al., 2015). These factors answered the question of motivation improvement within the workplace.
• Eliminating the factors that create discomforts such as fixing company policies that are obstructive and poor, providing competitive wages, providing supervision that is supportive, non-intrusive as well as effective and finally, by creating a culture of support, dignity, and respect.
• Creating certain conditions leading to job satisfaction such as opportunities to achieve, and to advance through promotions that are internal, recognizing the individual contribution and giving responsibility to all equally (Safaet al., 2015).
3. McGregor's Theory X, and Theory Y Model
McGregor too gave two ways that can be used for motivating as well as managing employees. These are:
• Theory X stating that employees dislike working and will avoid it whenever possible (Safaet al., 2015). Force has to be used to treat or punish them and employees prefer direction from others to avoid taking responsibility and are unambitious too.
• Theory Y states that work effort is very natural and people naturally apply both self-direction and self-control to achieve the goals of the organization.

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Part 3 Write a report on the usage of CPD within organisations and what evidence would be required to measure how effective this CPD is in helping employees achieve their goals while using their time and resources effectively.

Usage of CPD and its effectiveness to help employees achieve their goals

Careers always offer new things to learn for each and every employee (Mackay, 2017). Continuing Professional Development process offers certain opportunities that will help employees to learn these new things, and they will also be able to overcome the boredom or the monotonousness of their regular work life.CPD has to be applied effectively within an organization in order to be able to initiate its success among the employees (Mackay, 2017). It will help not only to achieve the goals of the organization but also the individual objectives of the employees. The effectiveness needs to be acquired through:
• Keeping proper logs will help the employees to record their own thoughts as well as insights about everything they are learning, which can be referred to later on saving both time, energy and resources.
• Self-realization is made possible by asking questions about individual achievements and proper goals, thus providing a clear understanding of their skills and duties (Maric, 2017).
• Understanding whether CPD has any compulsory requirements will help the employee to excel in the current position of the person, thus developing the organization.
• Taking on the job tasks or roles outside the known workplace will not only provide a perspective that is fresh but will also add on to the experiences, which is a great benefit for all (Maric, 2017).

Along with a proper understanding of the Continuing Professional Development aspects, the plan for the development and the need for the existence of the process have been analyzed as well. The requirement of the process in the work field is vital and its importance has been assessed in an elaborate way in the paper. Discussions regarding further aspects of development, improvement, and growth in the workplace like the motivational theories and concepts have been done as well to understand clearly the expectations of the employees against their responsibilities. This has helped in the preparation of a proper plan for development in the work filed and in the department of event management.







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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcome




LO4 Examine the need for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and its role within the workplace and for higher level learning

P7 Discuss the importance of CPD and its contribution to own learning.

P8 Produce a development plan that outlines responsibilities, performance objectives and required skills, knowledge and learning for own future goals.

M5 Compare and contrast different motivational theories and the impact they can have on performance within the workplace.

D4 Evaluate a range of evidence criteria that is used as a measure for effective CPD.

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