Programme - Higher National Certificate/Diploma in Computing

Unit Number and Title - Unit 1 Programming

Unit Learning Outcomes

LO3 Implement basic algorithms in code using an IDE.
LO4 Determine the debugging process and explain the importance of a coding standard.

Assignment Brief and Guidance

The software development unit of the company you are currently working for have a position available for an application developer which you are interested in applying for. As part of the application process they want to see that you can implement algorithms using an IDE.

Your aim is to create a fully working, secure application that has been developed using an IDE and adheres to coding standards.

Practical development requirements:

The program must have a realistic application - and this must be discussed with the lecturer before you start to develop the project

The program that you develop must incorporate the following programming conventions to show competence in the use of an IDE and relevant coding standards:

1. You must develop a Windows based forms application in C# that uses multiple forms to achieve the application requirements
2. You have the option to develop Procedural, Object-Oriented or Event Driven code (or a mixture where needed)
3. You make use of data structures (arrays, user defined data types) for internal program data storage
4. You create algorithms in conjunction with the functionality of the IDE to to achieve the application requirements
5. The program must utilize an external data store(s). This could be in the form of an external database or external text files. This is to allow the status of data to be stored and recalled after the program has been restarted

Documentation requirements:

The document portfolio should include:

1. Evidence of how the IDE was used to manage the development of your code.
2. An evaluation of developing applications using an IDE versus developing an application without using an IDE.
3. An evaluation of the debugging process in the IDE used and how it helped with development.
4. An evaluation of coding standards and the benefits to organisations of using them.

Demonstration requirements

The working application produced must also be demonstrated. The demonstration must be in the form of a screencast that demonstrates the correct function of the developed program. As opposed to a very long video based presentation of the function of the minutiae of every function of your program - you need to make sure that your screencast (and associated voiceover) demonstrate the achievement of each of the practical requirements highlighted in parts 1 - 5 in the above discussion of "Practical development requirements"

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria




LO3 Implement basic algorithms in code using an IDE

P3 Write a program that

M3 Use the IDE tomanage

D3 Evaluate the use of an IDE

implements an algorithm using

the development process

for development of

an IDE.

of the program.

applications contrasted with not using an IDE.

LO4 Determine the debugging process and explain the importance of a coding standard

P4 Explain the debugging

M4 Evaluate how the

D4 Critically evaluate why a

process and explain the debugging facilities available in

debugging process can be used to help develop more

coding standard is necessary in a team as well as for the

the IDE.

secure, robust applications.


P5 Outline the coding



standard you have used in your code.









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