Pearson Level 5 HND Diploma in Business Management RQF

With the designing of the course of the Pearson Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND which is a self paced and a distance learning course that has a complete focus on the Business and Management would be aimed to bring out at every level or equivalent with the focus of the attainment of the first two years within the UK degree. Considering a year of the completion of the course and beginning with the 3rd or with the attainment of the final year 3, it would be aimed to bring out the best of the UK, European along with the International University, which would help to attain a BA Honours Degree. This would also help in the trajectory to attain a BA (Hons) degree which would be focused on the Business related courses. After this, there would be the attainment of the partnership with Arden University that can help to transit into a progressive course.
With the help of the Pearson Edexcel, BTEC Level 5 HND that is focused on the Business and Management would require securing 240 credits and one has to secure a 125 within the core units and HND would have a total of the 15 units.

Level 5 Higher National Diploma


With the help of the attainment of the HND focused on the Business along with the Management that would help to attain the 16 units within the given duration of the 24 months and covering a total of the 5 to 10 hours a week with the help of the Self Study.
With the given course content: the prime objective would be to attain a business degree which would be focused on the business environment along with the prime focus on the marketing essentials and it would also include the subjects such as the HRM and the key and the subject like the Operations, accounts along with the subjects in the legislation and in the financial accounting in analysis and to develop a strategy in the project management and the leading strategy.

Who is this course for?
With the help of the course, initially, it would accomplish a two years goals of the attainment on the Business Management Degree and subsequently would also move to the 1 year top up within the University level to be able to accomplish a full degree. It would help to churn out an HND course that would be objective in help in the attainment of the managerial roles and would help to bring out the potential in the employees due to the respective attainment in the degrees and the sectors.
For this subsequently, one has to accomplish the BA (Hons) curs which would be focused on the business aspects an would be done with the partnership set up of the Arden University.

• Learners to attain the age of the 18 years.
• To develop an English language and to be able to qualify an IELTS Level 5.5. (for the global students in the English)
• To acquire a Level 3 qualification along with the related work experience (paid or unpaid)