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Task 1


Woodford Cars and Couriers

LO 1.1

Job title: Human Resource Administrative

Reports to: Human Resource Manager

LO 1.2

Recruiting and selection:

Legal and ethical considerations:

The Impact of law in advertising stage:

The Impact of Interview stage:

The Impact of a right to understand:

The Impact of sex discriminatory act:

The Impact of equality regulations:

The Impact of Disability Discrimination Act:

LO 1.3

As a Human resource Manager of Woodford Cars and Couriers, I will conduct the seven-point plan for the selection process(Tracy, 2014). These seven-point plan are described below:

Physical Attribute:

LO 1.4

As an HR Manager, I always try to implement following points, so that that the selection process is fair and ethical.

Task 2

LO 2

LO 2.1

Every leader have some particular skills and attributes that distinct them from a manager (Greene and Burleson, 2003). Please explain some of the attributes and skills which helps the leaders for achieving the aims and goals?

LO 2.2 What is Management?

LO 2.3 Types of leadership styles that can be implemented by the leaders

LO 2.4


Task 3


LO 3.1 In every organization, a person single handily cannot achieve the objectives of the company. Employees need to work as a team to meet the objectives of the corporation effectively. Please explain the benefits in working as a team in Woodford Cars and CouriersCompany.

LO 3.2 What is leader?

LO 3.3 Requirement for team effectiveness in Woodford Cars and Couriers

Task 4

LO 4

LO 4.1 Performance Appraisal System

LO 4.2 Recruitment consultant needs constant development of personality for working

LO 4.3 Performance assessment

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