Unit 9 Empowering Users of HSC Services

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Unit 9 Empowering Users of HSC Services

Case Study 1

1 Choose a legislation, standards requirements and organization policy that will maximize the rights of Taz.

2 Analyse the contribution of effective communication between care workers and individuals of care.

3 Explain the factors in this case study that may contribute to the loss of independence, non-panic ipat ion and social exclusion for vulnerable people like Taz or other service users.

4 Choose a specific health and social care context and analyse factors that may affect the achievement of promoting and max imizie the rights of users.

Case Study 2

5 How will you support Mr. H to meet his dietary needs? Analyse how you will manage the tension to enable air. H to cook his meal safely and your responsibility to ensure his safety and that of others.

Case Study 3

6 Use the case study above on Mr. Philip to identify the extent to which individuals are at risk of harm in health and social care.

7 As the hospital manager select and analyse 2 health and social care organization systems and policies. Critically analyse the effectiveness of policies. procedures and managerial approach within a health and social care setting for promoting the management of risks.

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