Unit:  20029J Construction Technology in Quantity Surveying Assignment 2

Unit number and title Unit 3-Construction Technology in Quantity Surveying

Course title BTEC HND in Quantity Surveying and Construction Cost Management

Assignment Title: Assignment title : Design and Construction Methods of Building Super Structure and Standards and Specification for Construction Works 

Part 1 


Design and Construction Methods of Building Super Structure and Standards and Specification for Construction Works


This assignment intends to provide the student with an understanding and of exploring the knowledge of unique super structural applications other than the conventional building technological applications. Different types of special types of structures used in industrial, commercial and non-domestic buildings are as follows;

1.         Solid Masonry Structures

2.         Concrete frame structures

3.         Steel frame structures

4.         Prefabricated structures and portal frames

5.         Dome Structures

6.         Vault Structures

7.         Space Frame Structures

8.         Tensile Structures

9.         Folded Plate Structures

10.       Pneumatic Structures


Each structure have its own characteristics based on following and students should collect details and information of above mentioned structures based on the following;

  • Examples (Local / International)
  • History
  • Structural Principles
  • Architectural Details/ engineering details
  • Services types and their installations
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Internal and external Finishes
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Cost


Assume that you are employed in a  leading property development company in Sri lanka.  The company intendsto complete the proposed Hotel Cabana project within shortest possible time period in Dabullaand to move to their next project. Client prefers to have a temporary accommodation unit for their Project Manager and his two assistant officers within the site since the site is located in remote area.  The accommodation unit should have minimum requirements such as a small lobby, mini pantry two rooms and two toilets.  Doubleheight spacewhich will provide interaction within two levels and also the visual connection within the structure.internal satire case is preferred as a access to the top level.  Entrance Lobby, Pantry, Dining area, Toilet and one roomwill be at the Ground floor level of the same. You are to analyze the building form to gain and understanding for a structural design solution for the said office scheme and prefabricated structures are very much prefer due to the limited time period for construction completion.

Clients very much prefer to have a solution which he can use this accommodation building or its component for his future development as it is or with minor modifications. Your proposed solution for this accommodation unit should be justified in terms of its practical operation, flexibility and sustainable point of view. The proposed solution should clearly demonstrate that a wide range of research and comparative study has been involved forthe task forits preparation.

Task 1

Select the forms of structures that are relevant to superstructure construction and analyze and produce details of different forms of them with necessary sketches, using the details and information collectedand recommends the most suitable structure for above client requirement. (LO2-2.1) 

Task 2

Compare range of traditional and modern construction methods used in erection of framed buildings and justify the use of modern construction methods in relation to current practices. (LO2-2.2 & 2.3)

Task 3

Assume above building is to be relocated in a site where previous record of evidence of an earthquake which has happened 10 years ago. Discuss the special consideration need to be incorporated in building design and construction in specific seismic areas.


Task 4

Disable access to be considered andto be incorporated from the inception stage of the project with relevant to building design. You may refer "Neufert'sArchitects data" to justify your answer. 

Task 5

Sustainable design solutions are compulsory to accommodate according to the clients requirement and make recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of the building by using the same.  Your answer should be discussed with reference tosustainable design principles / strategies techniques.


Each student has to submit a report completing the five tasks. The document must be in the form of a word processed report and can incorporate any sketches or diagrams to illustrate the answer. The report must have an introduction, body and summary. The document must contain all references according to the Harvard referencing system.


Pass Descriptors covered in this Assignment

LO2 - 2.1


Select appropriate design criteria for superstructure Construction


LO2 -2.2

Evaluate solutions in the construction of framed buildings using a range of traditional construction methods



Justify methods in the use of modern construction methods for the erection of framed buildings


Examine considerations in building design and construction for disabled persons


3.2 Examine special considerations in building design and

construction in seismic areas


3.3 Justify building construction for sustainability









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