Qualification - BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing

Unit Name - Computing Research Project

Unit Number - Unit 13

Unit Level - Level 5

Assignment Title - Computing Research Project

Learning Outcome 1: Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process
Learning Outcome 2: Conduct and analyse research relevant for a computing research project
Learning Outcome 3: Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders
Learning Outcome 4: Reflect on the application of research methodologies and concepts

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This coursework is designed to demonstrate the broad understanding and knowledge of the module, assessing and evaluating the student's strength and level of analysis; divided into four learning outcomes.

Executive Summary

This report focuses on the digital wellbeing as the theme of computing research project. The digital wellbeing is related to sustaining and fashioning the good healthy rapport with technology. Being the biggest role of our lives is played by technology, the end users are spending a huge number of hours on the computing devices and online. The end users wellbeing is based on the physical and mental health and through this the digital wellbeing is impacted by the number of hours spend on the computing devices and the online interactions. Despite the fact that the internet and the technology can improve and simplify the existence and also be the reason of anxiety, distracting and make the end users to feel upset. The technology to be in control makes the end user to employ its complete gain and potential of all the advantages of the technology. This report explores the important areas of digital wellbeing from the prospective computing professional point of view to offer an opportunity to analyze the digital wellbeing in the boundary of computing systems and investigates the solutions and responsibilities to the presented issues.

Research Objective

The research topic focused is digital technology impact over the human life well being of various age groups.

Consider the development of a methodical, ethical, reliable and valid research proposal as the foundation for the project. The proposal should be agreed with your tutor prior to undertaking any research. Proposal and ethical forms should also be agreed and completed. An ethics form must be submitted prior to completion of research as part of the research proposal.



The technology has modified various things in the globe from the entertainment to satellite launch but the technology has influenced the most of the lifestyles. The digital wellbeing has the probability to turn the main concept in the study on digital media utilization and wellbeing with sufficient relevance to practicality. The notion will inform designers, users, health practitioners and developers in the industry related to technology and also people policy makers. Furthermore, it offers insight into the things which are to be performed to assist the people to promote healthier habits on mobile media without or with the employment of intervention of digital wellbeing. Conceptual margins are required to eliminate that digital wellbeing to turn into the concept of bandwagon for the constructs related to addiction to the smart phones and technology or employed as a proxy to denote to each pessimistic relation among the wellbeing outcomes and the screen time.

Research Question

The well being with respect to digital technology is elaborated through different objective and subjective measures. The research query is classified into various dimensions which includes
The impact of potential digital technology over the human life well being
The impact of human participation in physical activity
The impact of human social relationships and mental well being of different ages

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The research methodology and research process, should be considered and clearly defined, demonstrating an understanding of the pitfalls and limitations of the methods chosen and ethical issues that could be encountered.

Research methodology

The methodology of research is the wider philosophical and theoretical framework within which a specific research is performed and the methods of the research are the procedural or technical rules which are used to analyze and generate information. The 2 important research types are quantitative research and qualitative research. The qualitative research is belonging to nature of descriptive as it handles with unquantifiable things and non numerical. While there are various methodologies to gather data of quantitative which includes interview, probability sampling, document review and questionnaire observation are the majority of the widely and commonly employed techniques or methods either in the form of online or offline data collection. There are various kind of tools exist for gathering qualitative and quantitative data. The largely employed techniques include focus groups, observations, questionnaires and interviews.

The system approach in the way of dynamic form towards the digital wellbeing has observed suggestions which needs data collection methods and research techniques in an innovative way which are capable to depict replication in an own manner of performing things. It denotes that the methodology depending on the media self reports behaviors are not a choice of optional. The media self reports behavior are not accurate as the fragmented, frequent and habitual nature of media actions constitutes it complex to obtain the results from memory. Furthermore, the inaccuracies in the media of self reported use also associate with the well being of psycho- social, throwing uncertainty on the soundness of the self reported relationships among the wellbeing and the screen time (Bryman, 2008).

In this research, the interpretive research philosophy paradigm is followed with an inductive approach and the mixed methodological (both qualitative and quantitative) choice is made for the chosen research proposal and the research strategy to be followed includes the surveying and the document review and random observation

Conduct your research, analyse your findings and draw conclusions. Research methods should be applied to evaluate the data collected from primary research sources. Your research and analysis of your findings should be specific to your original research question, from which conclusions can be drawn.


This study will be done through the data collection and theory will be framed as per the data analysis outcomes with the support of induction approach. Towards the data searching process, the patterns are to be overlooked and observations are to be performed which will be commonly supported through the qualitative research. As the proposal is management based, the integrated methodological approach is justified as it facilitates the research with consistency and validity in the data

Literature Review

The review from the various journal articles and literature reveals that the overuse or untracked use can proceed to poor or boredom user experience and other associated problems too. As a result, these devices fit into the style of life easily and should be capable to follow the usage of technology.

The balance towards the devices and quality of healthy social relationship and mental well being

The tools of digital are liable to formulate life simpler and easier for the end user. To sustain the sense of balance the end users should accept habits of healthy technology. Adopting the habits of healthy technology assists the end user to handle the time spent through technology and have the stress and distraction free experience. The sense of digital well being varies from an individual to individual as per the technology level usages. The end users should be capable to identity the balance among the way in which the technology suits into the human lives simply. In order to enhance the awareness and assist the public in terms of healthy habits, Google initiated a digital workshop and launched the videos related to digital wellbeing to enable the public to note the technology usage and identify the right balance. It is important to restrict the time spent on devices and can make an actual schedule or can set screen time to particular timings which enables in specifying boundaries among the life of professional and personal ones and hence come across better balance (Wood, 2012)

It is required to sustain a balance with various offline interactions and activities, workouts and mediation and not be rigid with the online. Gather the mental energy and concentrate through rebooting the brain. The time spent away from the sound will have a more influence on the work performance. The expert from the review of literature represented that the time spending away from noise can permit the end user to gather mental concentration and energy and can proceed with clear intelligence and can take right decisions. The various studies revealed that it is less productive to be relying on multitasking. In most of the lives, the technology is an indivisible element; hence instead of avoiding it, the opportunity is to be embraced. It is helpful to take a break from time to time and required to manage the notifications, separating from the toxicity on social and allot time to create and distribute positivity (Ardes, A. 2018).

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Reflect on the success of your research project and your performance at the end of the project with the inclusion of a project evaluation and recommendations. In addition, based on the results of your study, what alternative research methodologies would you use in future to improve the results?

The technology companies impact over the human safety, health and wellbeing
The technology development companies are influencing the human safety, health and wellbeing. The technological and general business organizations are required to hold increasingly the role of organization as a social actor which was indicated as facts through the latest humanistic vision or organization role and responsibility. Its organization statement of purpose to reflect the wider responsibility of an organization, not to just to the shareholders of the organization but, also to the customers, employees a, suppliers and communities of the organization' (Lee, 2019)

Many of the technology development organization which includes Wipro, etc., are signed and committed to the view point of corporate social responsibilities and positioned uniquely to represent the optimistic impact. The technologies can assist in variety of these tasks once employed thoughtfully. The technology organization should have the humbleness to identify that the difficulty of matters related to social human which will not have solutions to the technology, however the technology can be significant and on occasion exclusive part in the solutions tapestry. For an instance, the challenge which government agencies have recognized in adjusting to the digital era, in part from the short of sufficient public technology infrastructure. Technology organizations, in the meantime, fetch the agility and infrastructure to the end users each day. Therefore, partnerships among the 2 look like a normal solution. Another interesting instance is the way in which the technology platforms have influenced individual's philanthropic activities. In case, the humility can assist technology to engage in identifying authentic solutions for social problems; increasing empathy can assist contribution to the technology away from the organization services and products (Luigina, 2018). The technology organization success has generated wealth away from the measure in the organization and with the proprietors. Portion of the resources can support activities on environmental and social problems related to safety, health and wellbeing which an organization takes a position on. This should arrive from inside the organization and the persons and must not be enforced from external. On the other hand, the end user do require to be known that the varying expectations of the global common public. Finally, the technology organization has to be aware deeply of the complete range of personal impact and the technology has enhanced human wellbeing (Mariek, 2020). It is significant that the values of human have to lead the technology related organization and the organization has to treat the people of organization with the concern on safety, health and end users well being. Technology to ensure safety will not only enhance the health of public but also enable them more productive and happier. The technology offers the public with right sort of tools for faster reaction times and sufficient data collection

The impact of human participation in physical activity when the strategies and tools that an organization employ to build up a system which addresses the end users digital wellbeing

There are variety of resources, tools and settings which can assist to monitor the own usage of technology and make modifications to ensure technology is affirmative impact on the public lives towards the digital wellbeing. The resources to take care of such things include
Resources to increase the affirmative advantages of technology and the resources to reduce the potential pessimistic of technology

Digital well being

Resources to reduce the potential pessimistic of technology

While functioning in the direction of digital wellbeing, the initial step is identifying the probable negative influence of technology in the human life and performing to handle the utilization in a healthy way. The various resources to assist includes the usage monitoring tools which are the initial step in digital wellbeing to just overview the amount of time spent over the technology. The various tools for such monitoring operation to establish limit on usage includes Android digital wellbeing, Action Dash, IOS screen time.
To work on another way towards the digital wellbeing is to handle the notification the end users obtain on the devices. Sometimes it is advantageous to turn off the notifications temporarily or restricting them to the critical scenario (Cecchinato,2019)
To learn more about the digital wellbeing, there are existence of several resources in the online which reflect the technology usage in the life and work in the direction identifying a strong and healthy balance which is best suited for. The few of the resources for the online training are Introduction to digital wellbeing - Digital Garbage, Build healthy Digital Habits - Applied Digital Skills and Google Digital well being site (Gui, 2017)

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Resources to increase the optimistic advantages of technology
Besides minimizing the probable negative influence outcomes from the technology overuse, to look at the optimistic technology impact towards the wellbeing, the resources and tools to assist are
Ambient Audio
Breathing exercises
Positive and passwords self talk
Wakelet mindfulness collection

The technology will develop optimistic impact truly in the lives however like any good thing; the end users have to identify the balance of it. The above represented settings, tools and resources will assist the end users to manage and evaluate the technology usages; hence it enhances the entire area of life with complete well being (Jiang, 2018).
The potential digital technology impact over the human life well being of different ages

The digital revolution has propelled innovation and globalization rapidly and it has progressed to turn an equalizer through enhancing connectivity, maximizing financial penetration and enhancing path to commerce and trade. In the course of technology, it denotes electronic systems, tools, devices and gadgets which store generate or process data. Online games, social media, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, etc. are the examples. The various researchers are focused that additional life aspects moves digital that the threats to security and privacy will improve. The build relationship and connect people, the prediction shows that the technology will grow in fact. As a result, the experts believe that the public will attain satisfaction from the connections and focus on the public which will have quick access to information, knowledge, entertainment and education which is easy and affordable to attain (Lee, 2019)
Human wellbeing overall effects

The social interaction, face of relationship building are changed through the digital transformation is presently done through the different kinds of technology largely. At present, the technology offers the globe together at the fingertips and the familial, social or official relationships including the old and the new is just a click away through the technology. The technology assists in establishing the people community with shared preferences and interests simply and can enhance the individual self sense greatly. Even though the technology is favorable in constructing relationship online, the migration to machine interaction increasing frequently lacks the receptivity and sensibilities to direct interaction and reduces the quality and sense of direct interactions. Although the technology has enhanced the literacy of mental health drastically, the technology employment influences the online and self worth identity detrimentally with the various comments and likes obtained. The digital technology consequences of these mainstreams stimulate an optimistic interaction among the technology and the people (Jiang, 2018).

The various technological developments will be advantageous possibly. For an instance, the mining site employed with autonomous dump trucks will be controlled remotely through the operators, reducing the requirement of human drivers and exposure to dust closely. Also with the broader employment of technology, mostly the 5G technology, there are plenty of chances for highly elastic work which can enhance the individual control sense over the performance, and a main element of mental well being. Even though the change is uncontrollable, the way in which the end user will and should respond to the changing globe of performance is not apparent. The business organization, technology related organization, government and educational system require to ensure that the system have the opt regulations and policies to make sure that the performance improves human well being and not damages it (Hofmann, 2016).

When the potential digital technology impact is focused over the human life well being, the digital technology enhances the access to the data easily and the technology enables rapid learning to identify the right method, treatments which perform the best and which may not perform at all. The organizations which are functioning well require transparency and information and the technology can offer both. The digital technology allows the end user to know various aspects in real life and enables the end user life safer and healthier. The technology in the digital form enables the end user to monitor the home and the organization and improves in time saving and convenience and also enhances the people with disabilities accessibilities. The digital technology does not ends with above but also permits to enjoy higher quality of services and goods and offers the people with higher control over the personal lives and addresses the faster communication and also hold the organization accountable for the services (Nansen,. 2012).

Data collection
In this proposal, the secondary information will be collected through the qualitative research category methods like document review from various sources and from the random observation of people from various age groups. The primary data will be collected through the quantitative research category method namelysurveying process with the support of questionnaire holding the closed ended questions

Questionnaire - Quantitative method

Respond to all the questions with appropriate options
Please tick (√) the appropriate option
1. Do the potential digital technology influencing all aged group people?
a)Yes b)No c)may be
2. Do the necessities of digital technology impact the mental well being?
a)Yes b) No c)may be
The rest of the questions will be framed at actual time of the research phase

From the data obtained through the document review of various journal and other articles and through the observations made, it is clear that the digital technology has the certain level of impact over the human life well being of various age groups. The underlying graph depicts the utilization of digital technology by the group of people under various age groups and it reveals that the age group greater than 30 are less likely to be with the digital technology and the age between 18 to 24 are highly engaged with digital technology

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Digital technology and impact over the human life well being of different age groups


In order to improve the results the alternative research methodologies to be employed in future should include the mobile experiences and device logging sampling will turn to be capable alternatives. This kind of method on data collection can obtain experiences in the situation and can evaluate digital well being of individual personal manifestations. In addition the researchers can hold alternatives in the form of qualitative to experience sampling like requesting individuals to record their experiences of momentary through pictures, words, mobile messaging, video, etc. Such a methodology can assist to reveal the meaning of digital wellbeing to the individual end users and the way in which the digital wellbeing experiences interconnect with the wider culture aspects (Mariek, 2020)


The globe has varied a huge as Google was established and public are employing the technology and computers for doing more difficult operations and diverse services instead of employing uncomplicated technologies for simple searches. The organization has focused on user convenience, efficiency and also security. At present, the organization is attempting to assist the public on handling the way the people are interacting with the technology and the way in which the people are striking the better balance and leading the digital life in a balanced way. While deploying the representations of reality, the researchers are required to focus the way in which empirically and conceptually approach the trend of interest. The recent day's research on the association between the well being and the digital media is in a bottleneck as the models of conceptual come out insufficient to take the relationships difficulty which individuals have with digital technology and the approaches of empirical proceed to non consistent result and are condemned for the methodologies lacking. The drawback can be overcome by constructing an innovative theory of digital wellbeing which concentrates on quick experiences of balance between the disconnectivity and the connectivity. These practices come out of connections among the devices, persons and contexts, which can be designed and investigated empirically as trial in the wellbeing dynamic system. The approach of dynamic system to digital wellbeing can offer an insight to the method which lead people to face issues with the usage of digital media. Furthermore, the techniques will assist to know under which scenario the digital wellbeing interference like screen time tools or the digital detox are more or less performing well (Mariek, 2020).







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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria




LO1 Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process





LO1 & 2

D1 Critically evaluate research methodologies and processes in application to a computing research project to justify chosen research methods and analysis.

P1 Produce a research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis supported by a literature review.

P2 Examine appropriate research methods and approaches to primary and secondary research.


M1 Evaluate different research approaches and methodology and make justifications for the choice of methods selected based on philosophical/theoretical frameworks.

LO2 Conduct and analyse research relevant for a computing research project

P3 Conduct primary and secondary research using appropriate methods for a computing research project that consider costs, access and ethical issues.

P4 Apply appropriate analytical tools analyse research findings and data.


M2 Discuss merits, limitations and pitfalls of approaches to data collection and analysis.

LO3 Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders

D2 Communicate critical analysis of the outcomes and make valid, justified recommendations.

P5 Communicate research outcomes in an appropriate manner for the intended audience.

M3 Coherently and logically communicate outcomes to the intended audience demonstrating how outcomes meet set research objectives.

LO4 Reflect on the application of research methodologies and concepts

D3 Demonstrate reflection and engagement in the resource process leading to recommended actions for future improvement.

P6 Reflect on the effectiveness of research methods applied for meeting objectives of the business research project.

P7 Consider alternative research methodologies and lessons learnt in view of the outcomes.


M4 Provide critical reflection and insight that results in recommended actions for improvements and future research considerations.

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