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Length: 12,000 - 15,000 words

Dissertation Topic: How does motivation affect performance of employee in the workplace? With example in detail.


The aim of this module handbook is to provide guidance and support for the Dissertation and fulfils a different function from most of the other materials produced on the MSc programmes. The purpose of this handbook is not to provide knowledge, but rather to act as a resource and guide for a project that you will devise yourself. Therefore, the handbook contains details of the expectations of both you and your supervisor, details on proper presentation of the dissertation and guidance on planning the research process.

You should also refer to the materials from your research methodology module (LBPG5018), particularly in recapping any materials on the research process, including research design and specific approaches and techniques to research. The handbook is also supplemented by a range of materials and resources on the module site on Blackboard.

There are three important points to note with regards to the process of researching and writing for the Dissertation:

  • The process is fundamentally different from any other element on the Masters programme. Instead of a number of small assignments, this involves one large piece of work in which the topic has to be properly sustained.
  • The actual subject for the research is devised by you rather than being set by a tutor. This means that the whole learning process is largely self-initiated and controlled by you. The role of the supervisor is responsive and so depends on material generated by you. The supervisor will not tell you what to look at, what to include or what to write: they will advise, but not control the process. This, however, should be seen as a positive: it is an opportunity for you to look at an issue that really interests you and which you are able to study in some depth.
  • It is important to develop a strong relationship with your supervisor. Whilst the supervisor will not direct the process, they will respond to requests for advice and guidance. They will be experienced both in writing academic pieces, but also in the supervision of dissertations. They can therefore act as an important resource and as a sounding board for ideas. There is a direct correlation between working closely with the supervisor and successfully completing a dissertation.

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The aims of the dissertation

The aims of the dissertation are to:

  • Develop your ability to work independently on a task that requires a wide range of analytical and self-organising skills
  • Give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of business within an international context, by investigating a topic in some depth
  • Enable you to utilise and integrate your learning from your programme of study by applying aspects of your learning to a particular topic of investigation

Learning Outcomes

By completing the dissertation successfully you will demonstrate your ability to:

  • Identify a research topic which is realistic and manageable
  • Learn about your topic in some depth through a review of the literature and the various activities involved in the process of dissertation preparation
  • Formulate a research strategy that allows your topic to be properly investigated
  • Interpret and analyse ideas, concepts and data which are generated by your research
  • Draw appropriate conclusions and make recommendations concerning your investigation
  • Reflect upon the implications of your study for the literature and research in this area
  • Manage the various elements of the research process within a set timescale
  • Produce a clearly written and well-presented text which includes all the elements required for the dissertation

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Writing a dissertation is a challenging task for many students, especially those who are new to academic research. The LBPG5017 dissertation assignment is a particularly demanding one, as it requires students to demonstrate their understanding of complex business management concepts and theories.

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Here are some tips for choosing a dissertation help company:

  • Make sure the company has a good reputation and a proven track record of success.
  • Ask about the company's writers and editors. Do they have the necessary experience and qualifications?
  • Get a clear understanding of the company's services and pricing.
  • Ask for a free sample of the company's work.

Another option for getting help with your LBPG5017 dissertation assignment is to talk to your professor or another trusted mentor. They may be able to offer you guidance and support, or put you in touch with other students who have successfully completed the assignment.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help from your classmates or friends. They may be able to offer you feedback on your work, or help you with research tasks.

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