Foundation Sport and Public Services - BTEC Level 1 Diploma:

Those who come in the 16-18 age of young people can select this course if they have a few required qualifications. Those who are looking for a career in or emergency services or sport and leisure or the armed forces can choose this course. It is being designed in a way that it will assist you in adopting skills required to progress to a Level 2 course.

Public services will be taught in January, and before that, you will study Sport from September.

Sport: At our outdoor pitch and inside of our sports hall you are allowed to play sports. You can also take participation in fitness activities. This course framework consists of the study of the leisure and sport industry, & you will get an insight about initiating work in sport, the healthy body and efficient teamwork.

Leisure industry & sport will be taught to you and students will get a chance to practice and play their sports at our outdoor pitch and inside the sports hall. Essential skills in Maths and English will be taught in this course.


  • Participating in various exercise and fitness
  • Participating in different sports
  • Body system investigation and diagnosing.

Public Services: You will be provided with proper training and in-depth knowledge of service background provided by highly experienced tutors of this industry. It will be required to you so that you can work towards a promising career in the emergency services and armed forces. Various beneficiary practical training sessions and lectures will be given to you, and it will be provided by different guest lecturers & multiple Visiting speakers from different areas linked with uniformed services.


  • Public service careers
  • To get an entry into the industry related to uniformed public services on how to improve health and fitness
  • For the public services required personal skills
  • In the public services required Practical teamwork.
  • Functional and technical skills in Maths and English will also be taught to you.

You are motivated and encouraged to get an participation or join a cadet programme in a same related service if till now you have not taken membership of a local cadet force (such as sea cadets or the police), it will boost up and help you in enhancing and developing your skills through studies.