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The project report includes different aspects of construction, essential information, quality control, construction defects and implication for defects liability and evaluate the pre-construction health and safety plan. Also, added the specific construction details, information such as specification, schedule and demonstrate reason for how quality affect the requirement of the construction. This may include the specific types of defects are observes at construction site, that will evaluate based on construction criteria. By considering this requirement, the following are provides three construction defects and evidence of poor execution of construction process (Opfer, N.D., 1997. As dealing with the provided three issues, the project report demonstrate key aspects of construction, design, quality control, standardization, cost and health and safety important during working at site.

Assignment - Review construction information and schedules of defects to ascertain patent defects and the implication for defects liability and assess a pre-construction Health & Safety plan

Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate construction information to determine quality requirements

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Quality requirements for the project through the review of drawings, specifications and schedules.
  • The relationship between project quality requirements with statutory requirements
  • Impact of potential changes in project quality requirements that are necessary to meet statutory requirements
  • Defects for a given construction project and produce a schedule of defects
  • Remedial actions necessary to address identified defects
  • Difference between a patent and latent defects and their associated implications for remedial actions
  • Importance of construction design management for ensuring site safety.
  • Local and national requirements for Health & Safety in relation to construction projects.
  • Evaluate the impact of Health & Safety violations on construction project
  • Examples of methods for promoting a positive approach to Health & Safety for a construction team

Question 1. Define quality requirements for the project through the review of drawings, specifications and schedules

Solution: Quality requirements for the project through the review of drawings, specifications and schedules.

As per given three construction issues, the quality control and requirement has been discussed and demonstrate key aspects. This includes, the construction project should balance between cost, time and quality control. In fact, there are different criteria to maintain quality and ensure customer requirement. As per geographical and leading construction organization follows the standard to maintain quality, reliability and optimal cost of construction.

Initially, prepare drawing of construction project or defects which will require to resolve during construction.It highlight potential issues, standards, material selection, dimension and suitable method to resolve issues (Waziri, B.S., 2016).

Secondly, the construction drawing provides specification to follows and maintain standard because the associate assembly will construct as per planning and standard drawing. Therefore, the project scheduling require to resolve construction issues by considering construction cost and time allowed by customer.

The project scheduling is includes for current construction and repair project, because the contractor has to deliver project within given time period. The project scheduling includes construction activities, design standards and quality control within specification of budget.

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Question 2. Explore the relationship between project quality requirements with statutory requirements

Solution: The relationship between project quality requirements with statutory requirements

The contractor has to follows legal aspects as per authority provides specification. The contractor bound to follows specification to maintain quality and satisfied construction legal aspects as well. The project quality control specification includes different aspects such as "criminal law", " health and safety", "license and consents" law, environment sustainability law, infrastructure and utilities law and obligation requirement of the construction

The construction project and authorized employees has to include statutory in quality control process. According to statutory, the project covers "health and safety" aspect at site and remain single most decent legislation in that area. The specification mentioned in the construction regulation 2015, and conventionally referred as CDM regulations. The regulation effectively transpose European directives on the implementation of essential requirement at the temporary work.

The project quality requirement deal with the various license and consents the contract, that may require to find the depending on significance circumstance, in this case, the organization will require to conduct own research based on project.

Subsequently, the quality criteria includes environment and sustainable construction aspect based on "England and wales regulation 2017 i.e. authority has to evaluate the construction site and work before planning and take permission for development and feasible work require by considering environment aspect.

Question 3. Evaluate the impact of potential changes in project quality requirements that are necessary to meet statutory requirements

Solution: Impact of potential changes in project quality requirements that are necessary to meet statutory requirements

The statutory aspect includes construction contract, labour law, environment law, health and safety aspects, noise, Traffic and miscellaneous building construction. There are potential consequences occurs because of statutory amendment to quality of construction. For instance, in order to maintain environment and sustainable aspects, there is constraints for construction development and demolition which may not harm to environment and maintain sustainable environment as well.

Secondly, the contractor has to maintain "healthy and safe" working environment. In that case, the project manager has to allocate budget and provide fund to maintain safe working environment. In this case, to maintain statutory, it require to compromise the quality of product and ensure quality control and reliability as well. These are potential reason to impact on quality control of the project and ensure high standard construction work. Additionally, to select construction material and elements, it is essential to consider "quality index" and "quality policy" as well. If the construction product may not satisfied with the quality criteria, it affect the overall performance and construction results as well. Overall, the impact of statutory on quality of product affect the overall construction process and performance outcome as

Question 4. Identify defects for a given construction project and produce a schedule of defects

Solution: Defects for a given construction project and produce a schedule of defects

As per given project, there are mainly three different types of construction defects observes i.e. open end waste pipe, pipe unlogged and poor rodding panel identified in existing construction. The defects require to remove or manage specific way that the construction would be seen authentic and aesthetic as well. In order to overcome these defects, the following is provides professional schedules to resolve defects.

As identified defects, the schedule is issued from the contractors by considering defect liability period. It identifies defects that have become ostensible during the defect liability period.

For this case, the contract admin and contractor further take action and agreed with the responsible period within which the contract will manage the defects observes on the schedule. As the contract admin satisfied that particular defect, it has been rectified, they will release the certificate to resolve defect which has been proceed for the final certificate to be issued, and releasing any specific time period.

It is important to consider that the defect liability period will not change to resolve issues by considering practical aspects. It is the specific period during which the contractor may be recalled to rectify defects which observes. In case, the defects seeming before the practical completion, then that should be revise the certificate of practical completion is declare. According to NEC contract, the defect data the supervisor declare the defect certificate, that mentioned details of defect and work completion or not. Also, highlight completion or un-complete work of defects.

As demonstrate three distinct defects, the contractor has to follows instruction as per design, quality criteria and suggestion as per consumer (French, C.C., 2011).

From the given scenario, the basic requirement to resolve defect as following:

a. Open end waste pipe: the contractor remove waste pipe through cutting operation and fill the area through cement, concrete and wooden waste.

b. Pipe unlogged:The defect can overcome through evaluation design and resolve according to quality control specification.

c. Poor rodding panel: remove and replace the construction as per standard design specification.

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Question 5. Explore remedial actions necessary to address identified defects

Solution: Remedial actions necessary to address identified defects

The remedial work is define as the part of construction activities which investigate, removing, cleaning, modifying, abating, remedying or ameliorating the existing problem and significant effects of all hazardous materials.
The following are demonstrate the standard aspects for removing rework and take action to rectified remedial

a. This is not always clear what constitutes the defect. For instance, in case the specification is not clearly visible, or in case the contract may not manage what testing is essential or what the consequences will occur in case the test will failed.

b. Identified defect and discuss potential cause if the defects may not resolve sooner or later. The inspection would be visual inspection, instrumental inspection and conventional testing to identifying defects. For this case, there are mainly three defects observes visually i.e. Open end waste pipe, pipe unlagged and poor rodding panel. All three defects are visually inspected and observes clearly.

c. The next step and question is that whether the defect is in fact the maintenance issues. In case, it is not clear the cause of defect, then there would be structural defects and major issues as well.

d. Subsequently, if it is not clear where the fault lies, or may lie with more than one concern person, includes contractor, supplier, consultant, architecture, designer and sub-contractor.

e. The remedial works are essential to correct the potential defect which may be change extensive, complex, costly and time consuming or out of the proportion with the convince of the defect.

f. As per given three examples, the defect would be fundamental such as require to repair or demolition, making the building unsafe or being opening of the construction permission.

Question 6. Discuss the difference between a patent and latent defects and their associated implications for remedial actions

Solution: Difference between a patent and latent defects and their associated implications for remedial actions

The patent defect observes in construction as it open and it conventionally find during regular inspection of construction work (Lin, C.L. and Fan, C.L., 2019). The patent defect can easily identified as seen from naked eye. For example, as provides three results, in first case, the pipe is open end i.e. it is not uses for any other construction work. The patent defect is easily identified from unexperienced person. It is easily identified from a person who was not much experience in professional construction area. It can easily observes and reasonable understand the specification of patent defect.

As per given examples, if the problem visible with naked eye, this can resolve immediately, at construction site itself. Customer can get satisfied resolution of patent defect.

Whereas, the latent defects are hidden and undisclosed defects. It is difficult to identify from naked eye and difficult to uncovered through the regular inspection. The latent defects may continue causing damage for long time before it observe or it may cause without observing potential issues in constructed area.

For example, the plumber had install pump which already defective during installation time, the major issues identified after several years as leakage occur and potential damage of construction occurs.

Secondly, the defect and potential issues occur to the defective soil as condition may exist and not demonstrate the evidence of the damage to the construction area for long time (after completion of construction). This types of defects mainly found when noticeable damage occur, and construction supervisor can assist for that to overcome defects.

As discussed, this type of defect is difficult to identified, the contractor can presume about defect or life-span of specific construction element. That means, the construction contractor can suggest life-span of house, mechanical and electric element, next it require to conduct maintenance.

Question 7. Discuss the importance of construction design management for ensuring site safety

Solution: Importance of construction design management for ensuring site safety.

The construction design and management regulations are responsible to ensure health and safety related issues as they significantly consider when the project development occur, and identified potential risk of harm to those who will stay in building and maintain structures is reduced. To ensure safe working environment, the key persons of project are responsible for that. The responsibility includes customer, designer, head of designer, contractor and supervisor.

The design in construction project is integral and important segment for entire project. Based on building or construction segment design, the project manager or contractor would able to take decision of different aspect such as quality, selection of material, total cost, health and safety aspects of entire project.

The construction design guides for selection of safety feature and assist for health relevant action planning. For example, while designing the specific segment of building construction, the designer would inform and mentioned in "design sheet" to follows safety criteria. Indeed, the supervisor and worker has to wear helmet at construction site. The designer mention specification of safety aspects.

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Question 8. Discuss local and national requirements for Health & Safety in relation to construction projects

Solution: Local and national requirements for Health & Safety in relation to construction projects.

The construction projects are highly risk as more physical work oriented profession. In order to minimize risk and make safe working environment, the government authority and public sector has declare circular as rules of construction obeying health and safety aspects. The following is provide few examples of local and national requirement of health and safety aspect in construction project.
a. Rules for construction design and management regulations.
b. Building's construction regulation.
c. Health and safety act.
d. Lifting operation and lifting equipment acts and regulations.
e. Provision and use of working equipment regulation.
f. Health and safety at construction regulation.
g. Regulation for personal protective equipment
h. Training and guidelines for worker, supervisor and employee about health and safety instruction (Griffith, A. and Howarth, T., 2014).
i. Provides safety equipment and awareness of working by considering health environment.
These are essential and important aspects require to consider at construction work and ensure safe working environment.

Question 9. Evaluate the impact of Health & Safety violations on construction project

Solution: Evaluate the impact of Health & Safety violations on construction project

As discussed in earlier section, the government, authority and experience employees guides and suggest importance of health and safety aspect at construction site. In case, if violation occurs, it will be costly in terms of financial and employee life as well.

The possible effect at construction would be cost of medical expenses, time losses as project delayed due to accident, production loss, disturbance of project life-cycle and cost of equipment as well.

Additionally, due to violation of the health and safety regulation, the worker and sub-ordinate put their life in danger. This way, the entire chain of construction process would be suddenly stop in between of construction activity execution (Dodo, M., 2014). If the equipment damage due to poor safety approach, the employer has to bear cost of equipment whereas the worker's accident occurs, it is require to replace with new worker which takes time, effort, cost and delaying project. However, poor attitude towards the health and safety aspect would be costing for entire construction plant as it affect entire production process and encourage other fellow worker to do so.

It is other side of violation of health and safety regulation i.e. worker's overtime, short-time period to complete work, shortage of safety resources and shortage of quality worker. In this case, it is difficult to maintain healthy working environment. The worker may get fatigue due to excess physical work and difficult to concentrate on allocate job to ensure quality performance.

Question 10. Give examples of methods for promoting a positive approach to Health & Safety for a construction team

Solution: Examples of methods for promoting a positive approach to Health & Safety for a construction team

The construction process can execute with team, not possible individual worker. In order to maintain safe working environment, it is essential to keep positive attitude toward health and safety aspects.

a. Ensure that senior management and employees must follows rules and regulation of health and safety aspect (Aljassmi, H. and Han, S., 2013).

b. Admire, encourage and notice to worker and fellow employees as following guidelines of safety.

c. More and more involvement of worker toward safety and maintain healthy environment can make smoother construction process and ensure to deliver project on time period.

d. Ensure effective communication skill maintain between top management and lower management structure. Therefore, verbal and non-verbal communication must maintain during construction process execution.

e. Regular training and inspection of accident, the employer and trainee supervisor conduct training bi-weekly to each department and aware about safety equipment, guidelines of safety.

f. Regular audit and evaluation of accident and health violation activity. The management must take action immediately to stop health and safety issues.


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  • Q: What are some additional considerations when assessing a pre-construction H&S plan?

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