Unit 23 Employability Skills - Level 5

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Unit 23 Employability Skills - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)

Task 1

Background (Loynds Company)

1.1 Explain how you would develop a set of your own responsibilities and performance objectives?

1.2 Evaluate own effectiveness against defined performance objectives in task?

1.3 Using a specific situation you may have encountered, make recommendations for improvement of such situation?

1.4 Review how you would use motivational techniques to improve quality of performance in an organization of your choice?

Task 2

2.1 In the context of working with others at your workplace, identify a work based problem and develop solutions to the problem?

2.2 How you will communicate both the problem and the solution in a variety of styles and appropriate manner to various levels used in your work based problems?

2.3 Identify effective time management strategies used in your organization?

Task 3

3.1 Explain various roles that you and your colleagues in your workplace may have played as a team in your work-based situation and suggest how teams can work together to achieve shared goals?

3.2 Analyze team dynamics at your work place?

3.3 Suggest alternative ways to complete a task and achieve the goals at your work place?

Task 4

4.1 Evaluate using appropriate tools and methods, ONE work-based real problem in your Organization that is an issue for your management or department head?

4.2 Develop an appropriate strategy to resolving the problem in with justification?

4.3 Evaluate the potential impacts of implementing the strategy?

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