Unit 5 Management Accounting - level 4 in business

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Unit 5 Management Accounting - level 4 in busines

Task 1

1-a) Calculation of Prime Cost

1-b) Prime cost per component

1-c) Inflationary element in the figures

i) Conversion of cost per kilogram to Index number

ii) Calculation of expected cost for December 2014

iii) Calculation of Percentage increase in the cost per kilogram of Material J from January 2014 to December 2014

1-d) Brief Notes on Different costing Methods

Task 2

2-A) Techniques could be used by AA (Ace Accountant)

2-B) Target costing for the new game LL

2-C) TQM and Kaizen used by Live Dream

2-D) Quality Performance indicators to monitor cost

Task 3

3-a) Cash flow statement and Budgeted Income and Expenditure statement for the first Quarters

Cash flow statement for the period April-June'14 for Alpine Tours

Budget Income statement for the period April -June'14

What is the necessity of inflow and outflow form of cash?

What more should the bank consider when it comes to keeping record of the payment?

What do you mean by Consistency In Revenue?

What are the importance of Costs or Expenditure?

What is the concept of Determination of Limit?

What does the available cash balance study imply?

3-b) Purpose and nature of Budgeting.

Task 4

4-i) Flex budget

4-ii) Calculation of Variances

4-iii) Standard cost operating statement

4-iv) indifferentist among Statements

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