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Assessment Criteria/Marking Scheme: MSc in Cyber Security Assignment 1

In 4000 words, you are required to carry out an analysis of yourself in order to assess your relative strengths and weaknesses as a leader in the digital age. You should assess yourself with regard to a number of leadership models and frameworks and discuss the importance of self- awareness and continuous professional development, demonstrating critical reflection. 

Section 1:  Self Analysis - 30% 

(suggested word limit for this section is 1200 words)

Critically review the relevant literature and leadership theories/model and demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between digital technical leadership and enhanced business performance and transformation. Carry out a comprehensive self-analysis using a range of diagnostic tools (available on the Blackboard) to identify your strength and areas of development and evaluate their impact on your role as a digital leader in the future.               

Section 2: - Leadership Capabilities and Behaviours - 20%

(suggested word limit for this section is 800 words)

Provide examples of the leadership capabilities and behaviours that can be applied to the management of geographically dispersed teams, Also evaluate how these leadership capabilities and behaviours can be applied in your future role as a digital leader within the target industry.  

Section 3: - Business Transformation - 20 % 

(suggested word limit for this section is 800 words)

Identify and critically evaluate a contemporary issue from your professional practice or research and provide an evaluation as to how digital technical leadership can enhance business transformation and performance of this issue.            


Section 4 - Personal Development Plan - 30%

(1200 words) 

Complete a personal development plan identifying a range of personal development objectives that would evidence your ability to demonstrate the competences to be an effective leader in the digital age.  You should draw on your findings in the earlier sections to contextualise and justify how these objectives will enable you to be an effective Leader in Digital Age to your current role or role to which you aspire to.

This plan should set out objectives for your future approach to leadership with a range of learning activities, success criteria and timescales. 

Learning Outcomes tested in this assessment 

This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:  

  1. Your in-depth knowledge of key concepts, models and theories relating to leadership and practice and critical appreciation of the uncertainty and limits of this knowledge.
  2. Demonstrate critical awareness of the relationship between technical leadership and business performance.
  3. Ability to convey and translate technological concepts and data into formats and business cases that are of value to strategic decision-makers.
  4.  Ability to recognise ethical, social and legal concerns and incorporate good practice into technical leadership practice in diverse environments and/or teams.
  5. Critically reflect on the traits and disposition required for technical leadership and how this affects colleagues and society's perception of technology firms and technology users 

Assignment 2:- MSc in Cyber Security Assignment

Scenario Description: Cottonwood Hill Library 

The Cottonwood Hill library has been serving the local community for over a decade. The library holds a vast treasure of books, journals, reports, magazines, movies, audio and e-books. Students and professionals of all ages benefits from this library. To meet the increasing demands, library is growing and expanding every year. Up till now all processes were handled either manually or with the help of very simple spread sheets. To keep up with the escalating needs of the community, the library is going through a refurbishment and modernization, thus introducing coherent and integrated system, to manage all running operations of the library. The new refurbishment plan includes setting up two computer labs (consisting of 10-15 computers) on each floor. The design should follow a topology that all the computers should be centrally administered by a server machine for authentication purpose and should be able to access Internet to access library online portal from any computers. Users should be able to utilize printing services from any machine. The proposed computer lab should consider network security paramount for the availability of network to minimize any downtime.  Considering these computers will be available to users on first come first serve basis for a limited period of time thus management belief computer network security, reliability, scalability and performance is imperative for the user experience as well as managing the networking robustly and securely.  For this purpose, you are hired as a Network Engineer, to analyse the requirements of the Cottonwood Hill Library for a robust solution to their existing problem.  

Section 1:  Research - 30% (suggested word limit for this section is 1200 words)

For network design, there is no one "good network design," and there is certainly no "one size fits all." A good network design is based on many concepts, some of which are summarized by key general principles: Critically appraise network design principles to achieve performance, scalability and security at different layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.                        

Section 2: - Design - 20 % (suggested word limit for this section is 800 words)

For a given scenario, students are required to design, configure and troubleshoot network using virtual equipment and simulate topologies, connections, protocols and implement security configuration. Design and configuration evidences should be included in the report as a walk through snippets.                

Section 3: - Evaluation - 20 % (suggested word limit for this section is 800 words)

Critically evaluate your design implementation effectiveness in terms of access control, user privileges, and effective use of IPSec VPN, hardening the devices, security features of hardware devices such as firewalls, switches, and routers.                     

Section 4 - Ethical Considerations - 30% (1200 words)

Computer security designers should act in a professional manner and show due diligence to comply with legal obligations particularly related to CIA. Critically discuss what social and ethical considerations to be addressed to protect the proposed network design from any cyber threats. 

Note: You may use the Code of Conduct of the British Computer Society (available at bcs .org), or to read General Data Protection Regulation contains (GDPR) guide available on gov . uk    

Learning Outcomes Assessed in this assessment 

This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:  

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and critical evaluation of essential network design principles and security implementation at all OSI layers.
  2. Design, implement, test and document a small LAN involving the use of routers and switches.
  3. Critically analyse the main goals and concepts of network security and apply techniques to support message integrity, confidentiality, authentication and network access.
  4. Critically appraise social, ethical and accessibility considerations in network and security design solution.






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