OTHM Level 7

Subject- Advanced Business research methods

Course name: OTHM LEVEL 7 post-graduate diploma

Subject Ref : Advanced business research methods 

Attached research proposal format copy

Unit reference number: T/508/0626

The topic I have selected is Current ERP's Inventory Management Module Issues and Impacts on Spare Parts Department's Performances

Word Count: 3500 (Exclusing Table of content, List of Figures and Tables, References)

OTHM Cover page

Table of Content

List of Figures and Tables

1. Title/ Topic of the Research

2. Introduction (20%)

General Overview of the topic/ Area Selected (Supported with Facts, Figures, Data, Findings etc)

Significance/ Imporatance of the Study

What motivated you to select this specific topic/ Area

How and to whom outcome of this research will helpful

Future research Opportunities

why you feel the research that you are planning is worth the effort

Any previous research done in this specific area

3. Research Problem (5%)

4. Research Question/s (5%)

5. Research Objectives (5%)

6. Literature Review (30%)

Start at a more general level before narrowing down to your specific research question(s) and objectives

Provide a brief overview of key ideas and themes Summarise, compare and contrast the research of the key writers Narrow down to highlight previous research work most relevant to your own research Provide a detailed account of the findings of this research and show how they are related Highlight those aspects where your own research will provide fresh insights Lead the reader into subsequent sections of your project report, which explore these issues

7. Research Hypothesis (If Applicable) (5%)

8. Conceptual or Theoretical Framework (5%)

9. Research Methodology (15%)

Exploratory, Descriptive or Casual (Explain and Justify)

Research Design - Inductive or Deductive (Explain and Justify)

Data Collection - (Primary Data/ Secondary data - Type of Data collection method)

Data Analysis method

Sampling method

Total Population and Sample Size (What basis you arrived at this sample size)

Probability or Non Probability

Demographics about the Respondents

10. Scope and Limitation of the Research (5%)

11. Research Ethics (5%)

12. Time Frame (Gant Chart)

13. Reference (Harvard referencing style)







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