Prepare an action plan to implement the changes

Unit 33 Small Business Enterprise - Kaffeine Assignment Help - Get Unit 33 Small Business Enterprise - Level 5 Diploma in Business
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Program: Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 33 Small Business Enterprise - Kaffeine

Level: Level 5

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Task 1
Question 1 Produce a profile of a selected small business identifying its strengths and weaknesses
Question 2 Carry out an analysis of the business using comparative measures of performance

Task 2
Question 1 Recommend with justification, appropriate actions to overcome the identified weaknesses in the business
Question 2 Analyse ways in which existing performance could be maintained and strengthened
Question 3 Recommend with justification, new areas in which the business could be expanded

Task 3
Question 1 Produce an assessment of existing business objectives and plans
Question 2 Revise business plans to incorporate appropriate changes
Question 3 Prepare an action plan to implement the changes

Task 4
Question 1 Report on the impact of the proposed changes on the business and its personnel
Question 2 Plan how the changes will be managed in the business
Question 3 Monitor improvements in the performance of the business over a given timescale.

Unit 33 Small Business Enterprise is a Level 5 Diploma in Business module that covers the essential concepts and skills needed to start and manage a small business. The assignment for this unit requires students to research a small business, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations for improvement.

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