Explanation of the organisation of the advertising and promotions industry

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BTEC Higher National Diploma In Business (Marketing) - Unit 18 Advertising & Promotion - level 4

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Task 1:

Question 1 The communication process applies to advertising and promotion of the Westfield Shopping Complex

Question 2  Explanation of the organisation of the advertising and promotions industry

Task 2:

Question 1 The role of advertising in an incorporated promotional strategy for a business

Question 2 Concept of branding and discuss how it can be used to strengthen a business or product

Question 3 Identification and review of the creative aspects of advertising

Question 4 Ways of working with advertising agencies

Task 4:

Question 5 The integration of promotional techniques into a promotional strategy for Westfield

Question 6 Planning of the incorporation of promotional methods into the promotional strategy for a business

Question 7 Process for the formulation of a budget for an incorporated promotional strategy

Question 8 Adequate methods for measuring campaign effectivenessUnderstanding the Assignment:

Learning Outcomes: First, identify the specific learning outcomes you need to address. This will guide your research and ensure you're hitting the key points.

Assignment Type: Is it an essay, report, case study, or something else? Knowing the format will help you structure your work effectively.

Key Concepts to Explore:

The communication process in advertising and promotion: Analyze how messages travel from advertisers to consumers through different channels.

The organization of the advertising and promotions industry: Understand the roles of agencies, media owners, and other stakeholders.
Regulations in advertising and promotion: Explore ethical considerations and legal requirements for various promotional activities.
Current trends in advertising and promotion: Discuss the impact of technology, social media, and personalization on promotional strategies.

Applying Your Knowledge:

Choose a specific business or product: Analyze their current advertising and promotion mix. Identify strengths and weaknesses, and suggest improvements.
Develop a promotional campaign: Create a plan for a new or existing product, considering budget, target audience, and media channels.
Evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activities: Discuss metrics for measuring success and how to track campaign performance.

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