Business Event Management Assignment

Qualification - BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business (Marketing)

Unit number and title - Unit 38 Business Event Management

QFC Level - Level 4

Unit Code - Y/601/1048


The aim of this assignment is to check learners' understanding of how to manage business events. This unit allows learners to develop and practise their knowledge, understanding and skills as administrators or managers by examining the administrative functions within organisations. The unit is about preparing and coordinating operational plans and managing time effectively and developing self to meet the needs of an organisation.

The unit investigates the roles and responsibilities of key people within the organisation helping to meet its objectives.

Learners will find out to how to manage events or activities. They will have the opportunity to investigate and/or participate in the running of an event.

Task 01

You are a newly hired Business Event Manager of a growing company. Your company is organising various business events for their clients. Your managing director has asked you to choose your choice of event from the following list:

Team Building event
Trade show
Product launch
Opening ceremony
Networking event
Golf event

You need to write a detailed report on how you would manage the chosen business event focusing on and discussing the areas given below:

LO1 Be able to plan an event or project
1.1 carry out an identified event or project within an agreed timescale
1.2 write appropriate documentation
1.3 organise resources to carry out the event or project.
1.4 perform regular reviews and evaluations including the methods and resources

LO2 Be able to effectively administer an event or project:
2.1 set up the project, choose the completion date and allocate responsibilities
2.2 demonstrate leadership, effective time management and skills of prioritising and delegating
2.3 support and monitor the project
2.4 take corrective action if necessary to keep the project on schedule

LO3 Be able to organise teamwork when managing an event or project
3.1 choose the appropriately sized team with the knowledge and abilities required for the project
3.2 demonstrate team-building skills and how to diffuse anger
3.3 show the importance of effective co-ordination and clear communication when liaising with the team
3.4 plan the actions and resources needed to achieve the success of the event or project

LO4 Be able to use a range of business communication systems in managing the event or project
4.1 create clear records of communication both internal and external and of team meetings
4.2 demonstrate good use of information technology where applicable
4.3 produce information regularly and on time.







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