Course description: Applied Science BTEC Introductory Diploma Level 1:

This is a theoretical and practical program. Understudies will examine 8-11 of 14 units: Beginning work in the science part, Utilizing equipment to mention scientific measurements and observations, techniques and skills for science examinations, Science in the world , Using mathematical tools in science, Making useful scientific devices, Practical scientific project, Making and testing cosmetic products, Healthier living, Forensic detection, Causes of disease and maintaining health, Growing plants for commercial use, Physics and our universe,

The study of living systems.
Learners will be tested by assignments, including written work and practical tasks. You will have an external test and a formal pragmatic appraisal. On the fruitful finish, understudies can advance to BTEC Diploma in Science Level 2.

Additional entry requirements

Learners require at least 4 GCSE's with the accompanying grades: English and math at 2 or above, and 2 other GCSE's evaluation E or above OR at least four GCSEs grade E or above, including English language, and maths at evaluation F or above, or a section level 3 capability, passage level 3 English and section level 2 math.

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