Understand the process of strategic planning

Unit 7 SWOT and PEST Analysis Assignment Help - Unit 7 SWOT and PEST Analysis - Level 5 Diploma in Business
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Diploma in Business - Unit 7 SWOT and PEST Analysis - level 5

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Task 1. Understand the process of strategic planning

Question 1 Assess how business mission, vision, objectives and goals inform strategic planning of Sainsbury.

Question 3 Explain Ansoff matrix, BCG growth-share matrix; directional policy matrices as planning techniques to meet the objectives of shareholders.

Task 2. Be able to formulate a new strategy

Question 1 Carry out a current SWOT analysis (organizational audit) of Sainsbury.

Question 2 Conduct a PEST analysis (environmental analysis) of Sainsbury.

Question 3 Develop a stakeholders mapping of Sainsbury and explain the significance of stakeholders' analysis.

Task 3. Understand approaches to strategy evaluation and selection

Question 1 Analyze the market entry strategies for example organic growth; growth by mergers or acquisitions; strategic alliances; licensing and franchising.

Question 2 Describe the Horizontal and Vertical strategies, their merits and demerits and select an appropriate future strategy for Sainsbury.

Task 4. Understand how to implement a chosen strategy

Question 1 Compare the roles and responsibilities, evaluate resource requirements and discuss timescales.

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