Art Gallery Database Design Concepts Assignment

Qualification - BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing and System Development

Unit number and title - Unit 17 Database Design Concepts

QFC Level - Level 5

Unit Code - R/601/0447

Purpose of this assignment
To give learners opportunities to develop an understanding of the concepts and issues relating to databases and database design as

Design a database for an art gallery. The database must keep information about artists like name, birth place, age, style of art and photograph. For each piece of artwork, it should store the information like the artist, the year it was made, its unique title, its type of art (e.g. painting, sculpture, photograph), and its price, along with picture (thumbnail). The database also stores information of customers. For each customer, database stores the person's name, address and total amount of money spent in the gallery, invoice number and the artist and type of art the customer tends to like.

Task 1:
Analyse the key issues and application of databases within organizational environments. [AC1.1]
Critically evaluate the features and advantages of database management systems. Learners are required to explain the role of database administrator in database application development. [AC1.2 & M1]

Task 2:
1. Explain the process of database development. Learners are also required to explain data models and identify and compare the chosen data model with one of the identified data models. [AC2.1 & M2]

2. Draw entity relationship diagram also apply normalization up to 3rd normal form to design Art gallery database. Learners are also required to explain the steps taken for each normal form.

Task 3:
Create four or more tables for Art gallery scenario following the design which you have produced in task. Use the database tool provided to you to create the tables. [AC3.1]
Create the interfaces to access tables created for Art gallery database. [Create interfaces for all tables also create login form for user to get access to the database.
Learners are required to present implemented ART Galery database system to their tutor and classmates. [AC3.2 & M3]
Evaluate the effectiveness of the database created for Art Gallery whether it is fit for purpose or not. Also give some recommendations for future improvements. Learners are also required to support suggested recommendations and improvements with valid arguments. [AC3.3 & D1]

Task 4:
Create user manual for end user to know how to use the Art Gallery System. Also provide technical documentation for technical people to help in any technical issues.

Technical documentation must have:

Hardware Requirement
Constraints on tables
ER diagram
Database Schema
Table of Acronyms
Technical documentation must be supported with valid argument suggesting how they can be addressed

Learning outcomes:

LO 1
1.1 analyse the key issues and application of databases within organizational environments
1.2 critically evaluate the features and advantages of database management systems

LO 2
2.1 analyse a database developmental methodology
2.2 discuss entity-relationship modeling and normalization

LO 3
3.1 apply the database developmental cycle to a given data set
3.2 design a fully functional database (containing at least four inter-relational tables) including user interface
3.3 evaluate the effectiveness of the database solution and suggest methods of improvement
3.4 provide supporting user and technical documentation.







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