Business Health Check Assignment

Purpose of this assignment:
To review and analyse McDonald's' performance current position by utilising business tools & techniques and provide a business improvement plan

1. Critically analyse and evaluate McDonald's business environment and its impact on the industry and McDonald's business performance by applying:

PORTER's 5 Force Model
2. Outline potential areas for business improvement to the business organisation and its operations. You should consider the current business situation of McDonald's - finance, market share, trends in sales and eating habits, etc.


As a Business Development Consultantto McDonald's outline the steps you would take to carry out a Business Health Check (BHC) on McDonald's (you may concentrate on one region or one branch of McDonald's for the BHC);
Based on your findings in (a) and the information the case study, provide a business Improvement Plan for McDonald's.


You are the HR Consultant to the new Chief People Officer and he has asked you to provide an evaluation of the current skills of management and staff an outline of a development plan.

Provide a short report on how you would evaluate the skills of management & staff in a Branch of McDonald's?

The report should provide justification for why management and staff should be developed and trained. You should use your knowledge from the case study.







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