Unit 23 Law for Licensed Premises

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Unit 23 Law for Licensed Premises


1.1 What are the different types of licensed premises?

1.2 What is the difference between a personal licence and a premise licence?

1.3 Contrast the different procedures for licences application.

1.4 Analyse the guidelines on the conduct of licensed premises for use by staff.

2.1 Analyse the consequences of providing consumers with misleading information.

2.2 What is the extent of employer liability in the protection of consumers?

2.3 Discuss and also justify a policy for ensuring that all the aspects of weights and measures legislation are implemented.


3.1 What are the key components of a range of regulations?

3.2 What are the duties and responsibility associated with the management of licensed premises?

3.3 Discuss a detailed risk assessment for one type of licensed premises.

3.4 Analyse the impact of food safety and hygiene legislation.

4.1 Validate the responsibilities of an employer in the employment of staff.

4.2 What are the key aspects of discrimination legislation?

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