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Unit 3 Organization Behaviour GSK Plc Assignment Help - Unit 3 Organization Behaviour GSK Plc - Level 4 Diploma in Business
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Program: Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 3 Organization Behaviour GSK Plc

Level: Level 4

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Task 1

Question 1 Compare and contrast the structures and cultures of the GSK with any other similar organisation [P 1.1]
Question 2 Explain how the relationship between the organization's structure and culture can impact on the performance of GSK. [P1.2]
Question 3 Discuss how individual employees behaviour at work might be influenced by different factors at GSK [P1.3]

Task 2
Question 1. Compare the effectiveness of the different leadership styles at GSK with any other similar organization. [P1.1]
Question 2 Explain how organization theory supports and explains the management practices at GSK. [P2.2]
Question 3 Use a range of theories and other sources of information to evaluate three different approaches to management at GSK and any other similar organisation [P2.3]

Task 3
Question 1 Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation at GSK during periods of change. [P3.1]
Question 2 Compare the application of any two different motivational theories in the workplace at GSK. [P3.2]
Question 3 Evaluate the usefulness of any motivation theories for managers, including the limitations of these theories at GSK. [P3.3]

Task 4
Question 1 Use theories to explain the nature of groups and group behaviour at GSK [P4.1]
Question 2 Discuss any four factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork at GSK. [P4.2]
Question 3 Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning at GSK. [P4.3]

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Focus on:

Impact of GSK's structure and culture: Analyze how GSK's hierarchical or matrix structure shapes communication, decision-making, and employee motivation. Examine how their open-door policy or performance-driven culture influences behaviour.
Motivation and leadership: Explore GSK's employee motivation strategies, like training programs or performance bonuses. Evaluate the effectiveness of different leadership styles (e.g., transformational, servant) used within the organization.
Team dynamics and technology: Analyze how GSK fosters effective teamwork through collaboration tools or communication channels. Discuss the impact of technology on team functioning and individual roles.
Case studies and real-world examples: Strengthen your analysis by using specific examples from GSK's history or recent news. This brings your assignment to life and demonstrates your understanding of theoretical concepts in practice.


Critical thinking: Don't just describe; analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of GSK's approaches.
Academic sources: Support your arguments with relevant research, textbooks, and credible journal articles.
Clear and concise writing: Communicate your findings effectively using appropriate academic language and proper referencing.

By focusing on these key areas and applying critical thinking, you can excel in your Unit 3 assignment and gain valuable insights into GSK's organizational behaviour.

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