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Unit 5 Aspects of Contract and Negligence Assignment Help - Unit 5 Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business - BTEC Higher National Diploma In Business
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Unit 5 Aspects of Contract and Negligence

Level 4

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Task 1 A valid contract in a business context

Question a) What could be the basic principle of contract between Linda Green and an employee?

Question b) What legal terms should be included in this contract?

Question c) According to the law of contract how can Linda green solve her issue with the wholesaler?

Task 2 Elements of the contract in business situations

Question a) Discuss the Sale of Goods act in context of the issue between the wholesaler and Linda; on what points can she build a case?

Question b) Discuss the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and describe the main provision which Linda must know.

Task 3 Negligence in business activities

Question a) Contrast the difference between a sole trader, partnership and a limited company and what are the legal requirements associated with each of them.

Question b) What are the points that Linda should keep in mind before choosing the name “Scissors salon”.

Question c) Discuss the steps of dissolution of a business

Task 4 Principles of liability in negligence in business situations

Question a) What are the statutory provisions regarding the employees, about which Linda Green must have knowledge about?

Question b) On what grounds can Linda dismiss her stylist and discuss the way in which the dismissal should take place.

This assignment is designed to help students understand the legal principles of contract and negligence, and how they apply to business. Topics covered include the essential elements of a valid contract, the different types of contracts, the tort of negligence, and vicarious liability. Students will also be asked to apply the law to real-world scenarios.

Here are some of the specific tasks that students will be asked to complete:

  • Explain the essential elements of a valid contract.
  • Discuss the different types of contracts and their legal implications.
  • Analyze a real-world scenario and identify the legal principles that apply.
  • Discuss the tort of negligence and the defenses available to defendants.
  • Explain the concept of vicarious liability and how it applies to businesses.

The assignment is open-ended, which means that students have the freedom to choose their own research methods and to interpret the findings in their own way. This allows students to demonstrate their critical thinking skills and their ability to apply the legal principles to real-world contexts.

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