Unit 1 Business Skill

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Unit 1 Business Skill

LO1. Understand the structure and aims of the business organisation

1. Introduce and Analyse the Core business functions of the company.

2. Every Business has Stakeholders who influence its operations in Different ways and to varying degrees. Identify the Stakeholder of the company and explain their expectations.

3. Analyse the Competitive Market of the company using PEST/SWOT Techniques.

4. Based on the outcomes of the PEST/SWOT analysis discuss the aim and the objectives the company should have to meet the Stakeholder's expectation.

LO2 Understand the impact of e-commerce

1. Analyse the impact of introducing an e-Commerce system to the company Discuss the advantages and potential risk in different elements of the business model (including procurement, payments, order fulfilment, sale, etc.).

2. Discuss the overall impact of e-Commerce on the company with future projections, where appropriate.

LO3 Be able to design e-Commerce solutions

1. Evaluation of the current e-Commerce systems in use by the company and similar businesses

2. Analysis of market potential or opportunities for e-Commeiee expansion.

3. Discussion of the financial implications of future e-Commerce expansions or solutions.

4. Analysis the design of the e-Commerce solution for the company.

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