Wide Area Networking Technologies Assignment

Qualification - BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business (Computing Systems and Design)

Unit number and title - Unit 45 Wide Area Networking Technologies Assignment

QFC Level - Level 5

Purpose of this assignment

To provide learners with an understanding of Wide Area Networking (WAN) technologies and the delivery of a wide range of networked services across a WAN infrastructure for Organisation (X- Financial Services Private Limited) (with varied specifications and requirements).

X-Financial Services Private Limited provides automated middle- and back-office support, fund administration, and risk reporting services. The company serves hedge funds, fund managers, high net worth family wealth managers, institutional investors, trading desks, and corporate treasury departments. The company is based in London, United Kingdom with additional offices in Mumbai, India and New York, USA.

Each location has a fully functioning networking technologies with various departments operating each site. All the sites are interconnected by dedicated Routers to enable greater network security, reliability and performance. Each location should have the capability to support WAN infrastructure which includes, BUT NOT LIMITED to access to the Internet, Servers, PCs, laptops, Tablets, IP telephone, printers and a fully functional IT Room, etc.

Important Issues to consider:

Security, reliability, confidentiality and performance are very important to X- Financial Services Private Limited as it manages its own global data network to ensure that data being transmitted over the network is secure. Clients and employees should be able to communicate at a low cost using the IP phones. Therefore the network hardware connectivity should be designed in high standards and current.Since X - Financial Services has offices in different locations around the world, X - Financial Services wishes to create a private corporate network that is able to connect these sites together and transport traffic of different types (both data and telephone calls) between them. In order to fully run its operations in all locations, the management has decided to employ you as their Network Manager to plan, design, configure, implement and test the Wide Area Networking (WAN) in all sites.

You are required to Present, report, and critique a wide area networking model simulation for the X - Financial Services. You will need to plan ahead, your presentation will need notes, your artifacts, like simulations, screen captures, appendixes, online videos, will need to be observed and formally recorded by a tutor. For this, you will need a signed and dated observation record. All written documentation needs citations and references. Graphical illustrations need to be annotated with reference or source.

Task 1 Understand Networking Principles
1.1 Discuss the benefits and constraints of different networking systems types and topologies
1.2 Evaluate the impact of current network technology, communication and standards
1.3 Discuss WAN concerns and make recommendations to sustain network security, reliability and performance
1.4 Critically evaluate different trust systems on a WAN

Task 2 Be able to design WAN infrastructures
2.1 Design a WAN infrastructure to meet given requirement
2.2 Critically evaluate the suitability of WAN Components

Task 3 Be able to implement WAN infrastructures
3.1 Build and configure a WAN (including services) to meet a given requirement
3.2 Implement network security on a WAN
3.3 Critically review and test a WAN

Task 4 Be able to manage WAN infrastructures
4.1 Monitor and troubleshoot a WAN
4.2 Resolve WAN issues to improve security, reliability and performance
4.3 Critically evaluate the performance of a WAN







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