Qualification - Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business

Unit Number and title - HND-A&F2: Management information System


Learning outcome

Analyse information needs within different functional areas

1.1 Identify input output and processing requirement of functional areas.

1.2 Ascertain the relationship between different functional areas of an organisation.

Using Accounting information systems to produce management


3.1 Understand Installation process of Accounting Information system available in the market.
3.2 Use an Accounting Information System to generate valid, accurate and useful information for a given problem
3.3 Evaluate alternative methods of solving the problem

Grade Descriptor
M1 Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions
M2 Select / design and apply appropriate methods / techniques
M3 Present and communicate appropriate findings
D1 Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions
D2 Take responsibility for managing and organising activities
D3 Demonstrate convergent/lateral / creative thinking

Assignment Brief

Case Study

InterContinental Muscat(ICM)

Located on beach front and with a view of the Hajjar Mountains, this five-star resort is located in the heart of the city's residential, government and diplomatic quarter. The hotel's Palm Beach Club offers two floodlit tennis courts, a 25-metre olympic size pool, a leisure pool, a fully equipped fitness center, sauna,jacuzzi and easy access to the beach. Local sites of interest include the Grand Mosque and Amouage Perfume Factory.

Task 1 - LO1 - Assessment Criteria 1.1 (M3):

Identify functional areas in the selected organisation (ICM) and analyse inputs, process, and output requirements for minimum four functional areas' processes.

To achieve pass you must;

• Provide a brief introduction to the organisation and its functional areas
• Identify the core functional areas specific to the organisation.
• Identify the input, process and output requirements for the functional areas selected.

To achieve M3, Choose core processes of four functional areas, arrange all tasks related to the chosen processes in logical sequence use technical language accurately to describe the tasks. Use structured methods of information presentation.

Task 2 - LO1 - Assessment Criteria 1.2 (M2, D3):

Ascertain the relationship between different functional areas of the selected organisation. To achieve pass you must;
• Ascertain the relationships between the functional areas of the selected organisation(ICM) in task 1 by using flow diagram
To achieve M2, Select at least 2 tasks related to each functional area (Total 8 tasks) and discuss flow of information among the functional areas to conduct those tasks. Use a range of sources of information.

To achieve D3, Select complex tasks, show comprehensive understanding in information flow, and make appropriate diagrams to present the flow of information, provide references. Effective thinking has shown in flow of information.

Task 3 - LO3 - Assessment Criteria 3.1 (M1)

Understand Installation process of Accounting Information system available in the market.

Assume you have started your own shop at Ruwi, Muscat in the month of March to sell the computers' components. To keep track of the inventory and the financial transactions of your business, you have decided to use Tally.ERP 9. For this purpose you need to perform the following tasks:

To achieve pass you must;

a) Write hardware and software requirements for Tally ERP 9
b) Prepare document which contains screen shots of installation process reflecting your understanding of all necessary steps involved in the installation of Tally.
c) Setup a company under your name to record the business transactions. Make sure your company complies with Oman statutory regulations

To achieve M1, make effective judgement on the use of appropriate hardware/software to show all necessary steps involved in the above mentioned tasks and provide appropriate description of each step

Task 4 - LO3 - Assessment Criteria 3.2 (M1,D1,D2):

Use an Accounting Information System to generate valid, accurate and useful information for a given problem.

To achieve pass you must;

a. Create the necessary Ledger accounts by using Tally ERP 9 and record the following transactions in Tally.ERP9. While recording the transaction take screen print of each transaction and paste them in MSWord document for evidence.
Note: In the following transactions

I. S1, S2, S3 and S4 represent the sundry creditors of your company, in place of them write names of the computer suppliers/dealers exist in the market near your residence and while creating the ledger account for them, provide full address and other details required to store in Tally.ERP 9.

II. C1,C2, and C3 represent the sundry debtors of your company, in place of them write names of your three friends who are not studying in your class and while creating the ledger accounts for them provide the full detail required to store in Tally.ERP 9.




On March 1,2017: You have invested R.O 85000 capital in the business


On March 3,2017: Bought furniture for cash R.O 6500


On March 4,2017: Purchased 450 CPUs from S1 at R.O 120 per  unit on credit


On March 5,2017: Purchased 260 Monitors from S2 at R.O 50 each on



On March 6,2017: Purchased 180 Keyboards from S3 at R.O 7.500 each on credit


On March 7,2017: Purchased 200 mouse from S4 at R.O 1.5 each on



On March 8,2017: Sold 65 CPUs to C1 at R.O 350 each


On March 9,2017: Sold 20 CPUs to C2 @ 340 each


On March 10,2017: 18 CPUs returned to S1


On March 11,2017: R.O 5200 Cash Received from C1


On March 12,2017: R.O 5600 Cash Received from C2


On March 13,2017: Sold 6 CPUs to C3 @ 390 each


On March 14,2017: Sold 14 CPUs to C1 at R.O 355 each


On March 15,2017: Sold 6 CPUs to C2 @ 362 each


On March 16,2017: R.O 600 Cash Received from C1


On March 17,2017: 4 Monitors returned to S2


On March 18,2017: Sold 2 CPUs to C3 @ 270 each


On March 18,2017: R.O 355 Cash Received from C1


On March 18,2017: R.O 190 Cash Received from C2


On March 19,2016: R.O 550 Cash Paid to S1


On March 19,2017: R.O 700 Cash Paid to S2


On March 19,2017: 3 CPUs returned by C2


On March 25,2017: R.O 600 Cash Received from C3


On March 27,2017: R.O 190 Electricity bill paid

b. After recording all the transactions take print of the Day Book, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and the Trial Balance and analyze the information shown in the reports (Suggested 600-900 Words)

To achieve M1, record all transactions correctly in appropriate sequence and shown each step in your assignment.
D1: Write conclusions to prove the accuracy of Day book, Balance sheet, Profit and Loss and Trial Balance reports.
D2: Demonstrate all activities have been managed well.

Task 5 - LO3 - Assessment Criteria 3.3 (M3, D3):

Evaluate alternative methods of solving the problem To achieve pass ;

MS Excel is being used commonly in managing account, inventory, payroll etc. Evaluate at least three features of MS Excel as an alternative method which can help in managing financial matters.

To achieve M3, describe three advanced features of MS Excel, demonstrate the use of those features effectively to deal with financial matters, provide diagrams with appropriate details.

To achieve D3, provide suitable examples with valid comments. Effective thinking has demonstrated in evaluating the features.







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Task 1: Identification of the functional areas for the organization
Task 2: Relationship between the functional areas of the organization
Task 3: Installation process of the Accounting Information System
Task 4: Accounting information system for generating a valid and accurate information
4.a) 11
4.b) 11
Task 5: Evaluation of the uses concerning the advanced features of MS Excel

Task 1: Identification of the functional areas for the organization

The report has been encapsulated with the ideas prevailed in the organization Inter Continental Muscat or ICM so as to identify the aspects of business operations successfully. In this respective section, the identification of important functional areas of the hospitality entity has been depicted. The organization has been set up exactly in front of the beach and has also secured the location of viewing the Hajjar Mountains. This particular resort which is tagged as a five star hotel is located exactly in the heart of the city of Muscat. The hotel has offered significant aspects with floodlights encompassing the tennis courts and also different things that are full of amusements. The hotel is surrounded by residential as well as governments with different diplomatic quarters. Moreover, it has also contained, pool that is figured with a Olympic style and also fitness centre which is filled with all the equipments. Moreover, the hotel has been sufficed with different sites of interest, which includes the great grand mosque and also Amouage Perfume factory. This particular hotel has induced an extravagant dine in facilities so as to ensure proper delicacies among the entire tourist that have visited the organization. Thus in order to delineate these services, the organization ICM has entailed different functional areas upon which the overall success of this organization depends. As a part, the company is considering its business growth through enhancing the efficiency in those functional areas through deploying different departments in accordance with the functions that specify all the focus as well as definite path in acquiring success. Knowing proper functional areas will significantly generate necessary interventions which the entrepreneur should plan in order to achieve higher feasibilities in the long run.

Identification of core functional areas
As per the perspectives of business dictionary, it has been judged that the functional areas of business is regarded as the grouping as well as the activities as well as process through which the basic need as well as requirements have been accomplished through sufficing the task generated within the organization. Therefore, each department of the organization ICM has entailed some factors that has encapsulated with the functional areas and has contradicted the perception of achieving success after the fulfilment of different processions. Firstly, the most important functional area possessed by the organization has entailed that the human resources of the organization which is considered to be the most important asset in the respective business. It is considered being the heart of the respective organization that has lied within the people. The respective department controlling the human resource activities are solely responsible in recruiting exact people so as to accustom different skills with proper qualification as well as experience. It can be said that the human resource department will be responsible for determining the salaries of the personnel embedded in the respective positions of the organization. The respective instances have showed the instances that the training facilities among the employees are pertained for acquiring proper development.

Proper hospitality management techniques showcased by the employees will lead the success of the organization and will attain higher revenues in the long run. Secondly, the marketing and promotion of the organization can be regarded as another most crucial area to delineate the operation effectively. It is necessary to adhere promotional activities of the organization and also advertisement in order to gather and communicate with the target customers. It has sufficed the customers to gather knowledge about what facilities have been provided with due product and services in the hospitality industry of Muscat. Moreover, in order to secure efficient business feasibility effective marketing as well as activities of promotion will accumulate long term success as well as profitability, growth of shares in the economy and market. Therefore, this particular functional area is highly responsible for promoting the business successfully in the external market and also entails overall sales so as to help to company to achieve prosperous growth. The company has always created different marketing strategy and also planned for the promotional campaigns will lead to acquire much more customers. Proper monitoring of the respective activities of the competitors has settled the fact of acquiring support for enhancing the customer base which is immensely important in this business.

The regulations of the functional areas have also sufficed the fact generating customer service and their support (O'Cass, et al., 2014). It is highly necessary for the organization ICM to interact with the potential customers regarding the problems. This help desk is immensely important so as to gather, inquiries, orders as well as different types of complaints existed in pertaining all the operations. It is emphasized to maintain and create relationship with the justified customers in order to generate customer loyalty and create a good and feasible customer relationship management. Finally, sales are one of the foremost functional areas of the organization ICM which has predominantly adhere important role for measuring success of the organization. In every organization, sales department is solely responsible for acquiring revenue. The department has been ensured with the sale of products as well as services which has resulted to acquire much more profitability. Moreover, this particular department has coordinated the aspects with the department of marketing in controlling brand awareness as well as launching the products. The selling department are also enlisted with the aspects for how to sale the product to the respective customers those are liable to enjoy proper services after making payment.

Identification of input, process and output requirements for functional areas
The functional areas selected for the organization ICM has emphasized the aspects of human resource, then the considerations of the marketing and promotion. Moreover, the feasibilities pertained from the customer service support and sales made by the organization have been embedded in the functional areas of the organization. It can be said that the overall input starts from the entry and booking of the customer in the organization. The human resource team of the organization has been entailed to provide services to the customers. After this process when the customer has entered into the organization to spend their leisure time, the employees take care of them so that they should not feel any kind of discrepancies or problems while staying in the hotel. Moreover, the input has been made upon the support provided to the respective tourist that generally visits in the organization of the resort ICM. In relation to this, the customers are facilitated with enjoyment as well as amusement, which tend to be the process through which they rejoice themselves. The output received by the organization ICM is the overall sales through which all the cost has been covered. After the cost coverage the calculation of the total profit acquired by the firm has been judged through which the exact profitability has been measured. It is quite obvious that the input forged into the firm has significantly justified the total output received at the end of the overall process entailed in the organization. Effective input and process will significantly generate the viability of fruitful output, which will measure the future growth of the firm (Swanson & Frederick, 2016).

Task 2: Relationship between the functional areas of the organization

It is quite evident that each of the department of any organization is interrelated so as to measure the working efficiency and performance. In this organization of resort ICM, every department has affability to accomplish a suitable relationship in order to accomplish the aspects successfully. Thus will lead the company to earn excess revenues in the long run by sufficing support to the customer that are within the organization for rejoicing their leisure time. In the organization ICM, effective relationship has been entailed from the justification of important functional areas observed in cumulating the business operation. The functional areas of the organization has been focussed upon the human resource aspects, customer service and support, marketing and advertisement and in the last the overall sales. The function of operating the business has been commenced from the aspects of important human resources strategy. The company is quite responsible for recruiting efficient employees that can easily understand the roles and activities on the basis of which the overall process will be synthesized. Moreover, the application of how all the process can be leaded will be adhered with the help of effective man management so as to ensure proper feasibility for upholding the structures in controlling the aspects of the business.

It can be easily said that the determination will be cumulated within the organization that can be easily focussed through the aspects regulating the criteria of understanding the justification to control the business. In significance to the relation, it can be easily said that the employees that are recruited for marketing department will adhere potential interventions to enhance the advertising and marketing campaign of the organization. This will help to lead the organization in securing excess customer to spend their leisure time. It is quite evident that excess marketing and advertisement of will help the company to gain much more advantage in gaining potential customers. Thus, the advancement of marketing and advertisement is related to the selection procedure of the employees that are embedded to the marketing and advertisement activities of the company. After the perception of marketing and advertisement, it can be said that the delineating customer support to potential customer is necessary. By providing utmost support, the customer will be highly satisfied and thus customer loyalty has been enabled. Moreover, providing support to customer will also enable extra preferences to them and they will deliver more customers in reference to the enjoyment and facilities received on behalf of the resort ICM. In corresponding to this, the overall sales and revenue of the organization or the resort ICM are related.

This is because of the fact that the revenue is generated only when the customer come to the resort and rejoice themselves by enjoying the amusements provided to them. Thus the overall strategies implemented on behalf of the organization, has intended the fact of increasing all the sales of the company in order to which the revenues have been generated. With the help of the revenues, coverage of cost incurred in providing all the facilities to the customer has been entailed. In order to make the business operation highly successful, sale can be regarded as quite important aspects of the resort in the economy of Muscat. Therefore, it can be significantly revealed that the relationship among the functional areas are highly needed so as to ensure effective business perception in the resort ICM.

Task 3: Installation process of the Accounting Information System

Accounting Information System is a method through which the overall measurement of the inventory has been entailed. Here the overall accounting information system has been condoled with the help of accounting measurement software Tally ERP 9 where the overall financial transactions has been thoroughly recorded. Here the overall system of the accounting system has been pertained in the shop owned by the Ruwi, in the country Muscat for all the transaction entailed in the month of March (Argenti, 2015).

In order to generate the accounting software Tally ERP 9 different hardware and software requirements are needed. The minimum hardware components required for installing process is Intel Pentium IV with a speed of central processing unit of 1.7 to 3 gigahertz in a dual core processor. Moreover, it can also run on core 2 duo processor with a speed in central processing unit at 1.86 to 3.2 gigahertz. Apart from this, a free space of 150 megabyte is required in the storage space so as to run or install the application. This will be entailed in a 32-bit operating system. The software requirement for installing the accounting software Tally ERP 9 is windows operating system with configuration possessed by Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows NT / ME / 98.

The processes of installing the software are showcased underneath:

The above depicted diagram has significantly exclaimed the installation process of the accounting software Tally ERP 9 which has helped to cumulate the accounting transaction fetched in order to ascertain the business operation.

Task 4: Accounting information system for generating a valid and accurate information

In this particular section, the overall accounting statement analysis of the company has been analyzed which have been perceived from the overall data given. The data have been synthesized from the accounting software and has revealed from the fact that the operations has been cumulated as per the through understanding regarding the values accumulated through the operations.

Here the overall ledger accounts that have been created in order to justify the transaction that will takes place in order to synthesize the following aspects regulating the consequences of pertaining the viability of the transaction of occurred in daily basis.

Here in this section, the trial balance of the posted transaction has been synthesized. After posting the ledger, trial balance of the company has been formulated so as to check the viability whether the transaction are posted correctly or not. The value of the trial balance on both the sides like debit and credit has intervened the fact that the company is determining the approach of valuating the figures that are absolutely correct.

In this diagram, the overall financial statement showcasing the balance sheet of the company has been denoted. Here the adjustments are showing the liabilities and assets achieved by the company. Apart from this, the overall capital induced in the business has been revealed so as to judge the exact equity required to formulate the business. Moreover, the current assets valuation of the company ICM has been determined and the justification of cash in hand has been calculated for the firm in order to measure the cash flow.

In this respective diagram, the overall profit and loss statement has been showcased for the company ICM. The company has significantly acquired the balance of net profit which has revealed that the company is primarily adhered successful interventions in operating the business. Thus the effectiveness has been gathered through the perception where all the significance has been pertained through calculation requiring the justification of profit achieved by the company.

Task 5: Evaluation of the uses concerning the advanced features of MS Excel

MS Excel or Microsoft Excel is considered as software where various calculations regarding the Inventory, payroll system and analysis of the data have been pertained. Generally, all the calculation can be easily pertained as this particular software are feeded with the justification to find the result within a short span of time. The features presented by Microsoft Excel has propounded has that the software easily suffice the activities of Pivot Table. This table helps to find out the data or numbers very easily. The formatting of the data are pertained through the activities of database that has flexibly categorize the application regarding the fact. Apart from this, the conditional formatting of the data required has been done with the help of Ms Excel. This has extensively focussed the important aspects to highlight the errors as well as different understanding with the help of which the synthesizing aspects of the data have been performed.

Moreover, the application of sorting and filtering can be done by providing the justification into the software. This is one of the most important features, which helps in cumulating the data and are considered as much more effective to save important time. On the other hand, the significance of pertaining basic math for any kind of calculation can be easily done with the help of MS Excel.

Apart from this, one of the most important features other than any other function is entailing graphs and charts to justify the difference in analysis. In accordance with this, this will be helpful enough to control the operation with minimum time so as to enhance the productivity. These charts and graphs also help in comparative analysis for two companies so as to induce better approach in justifying the aspects of computing the figures in MS Excel.