Train the Trainer Overview

Core reason behind designing the TSW's 'Train the Trainer' Course is it acts as a initial level framework which help to those who require the necessary skills to train, irrespective of the fact whether they are on part time or full time job role. It offers the fundamental training techniques by facilitating a vigorous and adaptable view point to training timely delivery.

For the beginners or first-time trainers this course is perfect-fit and specially for those who are required to understand the core concepts of training & skills or for those seeking an opportunity to enhance their skills & techniques; it is an admirable initial point for career progress related to the Pearson BTEC Level 3 ' Award in Education and Training' qualification. It motivates a flexible & adaptive approach to delivery of the training that takes utmost care of learners' requirements and preferences.

This course consist various tasks which cover initial evaluation, preparation and planning, delivering training on time, evaluation and assessment. 


Delegates will achieve below-mentioned skills by the end of this course are:

  • In relation to providing training to others first analyze their own responsibilities and key performing roles.
  • Understanding accurate approaches for learning and training in a specialist area
  • Appraising learners involvement and their participation by utilizing features of effective questioning techniques during the training duration/session
  • Analyze various areas to improve and strengthen the personal training
  • Describing those factors that encourage learning
  • Differentiate between providing training & giving the presentation of the collected information
  • Giving demonstration of various session based planning skills
  • Delivering active training sessions professionally and with full confident which encourage learners to learn new things
  • Understanding the requirement for record keeping and learning the use of different assessment methods
  • Assessing the utilization of various assessment techniques & requirement of record keeping so that constructive feedback can be provided to the learners

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for:

  • Those who are trying to learn skills to become a trainer as an beginner.
  • Within an organization looking for potential in-house trainers
  • Those who are already a trainer but looking for brush up their skills and techniques (Ask about level 3 Training and Education if they possess expertise & experience without any formal qualifications)


It is requested to delegates to fill a elaborative pre-course questionnaire which is supposed to be shared and will be send to tutor before initiating the very first day of the course programme. This certifies that course is being provided & delivered to the top measures & quality and is pertinent to delegate's objectives and needs.

This course consist a short micro-tech on a academic course topic of your selection & it will contain peer evaluations. 

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