Course description: - BTEC Level 3 Music:

If you are looking to become a musician or gain hands-on experience in the field of music, this course has come to your rescue. Learners gain knowledge and skills on varied subjects in music such as - Performance, Music Theory, Song Writing Techniques, Music Production (Recording and Sequencing), Music Business/ Events Management.

The course places emphasis on events management and performance management and it is essential for learners to take up 8-12 live gigs in a year at different venues. The qualification offered by this course is of the value of 1.5 A levels and lets you to take up a full-time role upon completion. The second-year is called the extended diploma and is typically a top-up that is of the value of 3 A levels. 

The course is extremely practical and encourages creativity. It also ensures group performance skills as per professional standards and this includes music composition and technical alignment skills. All these enable learners to enter the music production field and grab a range of opportunities available.

Upon completion of this 90 credit course, majority of the students prefer to continue in the same field or explore music technologies which lead to an extended diploma in the second year. There are also students who directly take up HNC and seek employment. In house, HNC music is a great opportunity that students find while there are also learners who get placed at specialist institutions so as to complete degree courses in associated areas. Yet, this course acts as a ladder for you to get into the creative industry.

Additional entry requirements

There are other entry requirements expected from learners and here they are.

-       Four GCSEs scored at grade C/4 or above or equivalent Level 2 qualification

-       Learner's profile has to include English or Mathematics under GCSE standards at grade C/4 or above

-       Learners need to complete grade 1 or above in the area of music theory

-       Learners are expected to possess own instrument and pass the audition Equivalent qualifications will be considered.

Satisfactory reference and interview are other requirements to get through this course.

International Entry Requirement:

To enter first-year Music pathway (BTEC Level 390 Credit), learners should possess C grade or above in the high school leavers certificate. Quality references IELTS score of 5.0 and above, and informal audition completion are all expected from international learners.

To enter the second year Music pathway, which is the extended diploma, learners need to complete BTEC Level 390 credits in the course - diploma in music or music technology. Additionally, quality references and IELTS scores of 5.0 and above or equivalent certificates are expected.


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