Supporting and Monitoring the Project

Unit 38 Business Events Management Assignment Help - Unit 38 Business Events Management - Level 4 (Diploma In Business)
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Diploma in Business - Unit 38 Business Events Management - level 4

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LO 1- Planning an Event

Question 1 Carrying out a Project within agreed timescale

Question 2 Documentation for the Project

Question 3 Organizing resources to carry out the event

Question 4 Performing regular reviews and evaluations including the methods and resources

LO 2- How to effectively administer an Event

Question 1 Setting up the Project, choose completion date and allocate responsibilities

Question 2 Leadership, effective time management and skills of prioritising and delegating

Question 3 Supporting and Monitoring the Project

Question 4 Corrective action to keep project on schedule

LO3- Organizing team work when organizing an event

Question 1 Choosing an appropriately sized team with knowledge and abilities required for the project

Question 2 Team building for the event and how to diffuse anger

Question 3 Importance of effective co-ordination and Communication when liaising with team

Question 4 Action and resources required to achieve success of an event or project

LO 4- Use or range of business communication systems in managing the event

Question 1 Communication system for event management

Question 2 Role of Information Technology in Event management

This assignment is designed to help students understand the various aspects of business event management, from planning and organizing to delegating and concluding. The specific learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the importance of business events in the corporate world
  • Identifying the different types of business events
  • Developing a comprehensive event plan
  • Executing the event plan effectively
  • Managing the risks associated with business events
  • Using business communication systems to manage the event

The assignment will focus on a specific type of business event, such as a product launch or a trade show. Students will be required to research the event, develop a plan, and execute the plan. They will also be required to analyze the event and identify areas for improvement.

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