Unit 3 Organizational Behaviour - Level 4

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Unit 3 Organizational Behaviour -  Level 4

Task 1

1.1 What is organisational structure in a business firm and Comparison between the organisational structure of CAPCO and Tesco:

1.2 How organizational structure of CAPCO helps company to remove the bureaucracy:

1.3 Employees behaviours of CAPCO

Task 2

2.1 Why CAPCO has adopted the democratic leadership? Comparison between CAPCO Democratic leadership style and The Real Pie Company Autocratic leadership style

2.2 How CAPCO developing its combined approach for the management

2.3 How organization maintain its operations by combination of scientific management and human relation approach

Task 3

3.1 Why leadership essential for the growing competitive market

3.2 Which motivational theories are adopted by CAPCO for achieving a quite congenial working atmosphere

3.3 How Motivational theories can establish a motivated environment

Task 4

4.1 How CAPCO establishes the team qualities to its workers

4.2 Which factors in CAPCO promote the establishment of team effectiveness in the firm

4.3 Why Technology plays the most important role in CAPCO

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