Qualification - Higher National Diploma in Computing

Unit Name - Business Intelligence

Unit Number - Unit 14

Assignment Title - The Creation

Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate the use of business intelligence tools and technologies

Assignment Brief

You are a junior developer for a company called ‘Business Software Solutions (BSS)' based in town. BSS employ 15 staff members, 8 of which are developers.

The boss of BSS understands that you have been studying business intelligence at College; she believes that this area of computing could be a potential growth area for the company.

As a result she have ask you write reports and present to the board of BSS

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In this report we are going to explain about school management system where we store details of all students and their courses.And many more details at different levels of management.We can easily access any information in the system any time,so it is easy to use by any users. They want more profit so in order to do they acknowledge student management system. This system tells us about the destitution and exploitation of the student. All school management people created huge heating rooms and houses which would be cleaned by the only small student crawling through them. This is a very hazardous and suffocating condition for small student. This often results in uneducated. Small group of students aged four and five were forced to work for cleaning because of their small hands and size, they can reach everywhere. These students were either an orphan or very poor so their parents sold them to the sweepers in just two guineas. Methods should be used for the growth of so we have decided to design a school management system so that no poor student is uneducated and they can easily study in school at low cost. All different method should be used for the growth of the organization.

Functional requirements for the system management system:-
(1) Student details
(2) All courses available in schools
(3) Interest of each student
(4) Invoice details
(5) Teacher teaching the subject ,
Non -functional requirements of the system
(1) List of available courses to the system,
(2) Teachers availability
(3) Discount offers and coupon
(4) Timely SMS facility to all the student
When we decided to design this system then there was many hurdle and we have to check all qualities of education in the system. Everything in the system we have to design at different levels and can check the details.
Hardware required in the system:
• Desktop
• Mouse
• Printer
• Keyboard

Software required in the system:
• Window 7/10
• Excel
• MS Word

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Part 1
Using specific examples determine what business intelligence is and the tools and techniques associated with it.

Solution: Business tool

In this project we have used excel as business tool to show all details of the system.How all records are related to each other and we call calculate all information in the system at any time.In the details we have executed all the information from different levels so that user can easily understand the process.From different sources we have gathered all information for the development of the system.In the excel sheet we have gathered all the information from the development of the system.In the excel sheet we have kept the details of student,courses and teacher detail further we can more details in the system for the growth of the system at different level.At different level of the system we have taken care of basic requirement. The growth of business needs to be managed at every level for ensure success of any investment and we can easily gather all information and check all details at different levels.The owner manages all his responsibility time to time at different level of execution.

The performance level of the system will increase with skills and effort the member of the system puts into it. All the vital needed.al information of the system are kept properly and taken when it is needed. The terms and conditions for now day's kids are totally different from previous years. They have lots of options of games, ode and many other things. It used in different sector like description of specifies the method to create different system lifestyle which established to cover overall lifestyle and solve all the problems in the world. We have to take care about the system. In previous years classroom oriented programs are compulsory but now we are in digital world so student are having computer, laptops and many more electric gadgets in different sector. In this current world all the student know what they want from the system and we can easily gather all information and they have a option in which platform they want to proceed in future and what they want from life .Their point of view for life is clear so they will achieve it what they want. They work hard for their dream they take help from teachers or school for more information or search Google for particular question so that they can understand it properly. All these details will show in proper way we can execute in different method so that we can easily check information in different work. For the details we have to check all the details and all information is gathered at different sector of field. After complete search they have all the basic information what they want to study and then they choose the course for their future like a student like programming then he will go for bachelor in computer science.At the same time we have monitor all information so that the demonstration of the record will be up to date and all the information will be shown in the system at different level. For all this type of options we have to take care all the options in proper way so that we have different options for the growth of kids in our society and the development of child's will up to the mark. These systems will maintain their all details for longer period of time but for security purpose we have to go to next like creating database or any application to store the information for longer period of time for execution by the user at different level.

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Part 2
I require a statement of requirements {max 1 A4 Sheet}. Within this you must state, the purpose of the application and the intended audience. The application must perform a specific task to support problem-solving or decision-making. This could be a website, C# application, an Excel spreadsheet etc. This is mainly to judge complexity of your new application; your lecturer may offer suggestions.

Database Management Systems assignment three is out over the same period as this one - it may an idea to combine them?

In School management system we have u\included all details of student and the courses related to them. This management system will store all details of students who enrolled in which year with their personal detail. It will also store teacher's details like their name, email, address, office location and many more things. All teachers can teach one or more courses at a time.

In this way we will plan our software to work first we have to gather all information from different sources and then create a user friendly design as per the requirement of the software in the market .So that we can show all the details of the software to our users.
Hardware required in the system:
• Desktop
• Mouse
• Printer
• Keyboard

Software required in the system:
• Window 7/10
• Excel
• MS Word

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Part 3 Design the new business intelligence tool/application. Remember the UI must be user friendly and functional.


USE Case Diagram Of system

Flow Chart Diagram

Pseudo Code

Database dbSchool_database.db
Character cCourseNamecStudentId
Numeric nCourseAmount
Display "Enter STUDENT ID" //Read Details of Student to phone //when Course arrives from dbStudent_database.db
Accept cStudentID
Display "Enter Course Name" //what Course to Session
Accept cCourseName
Display "Enter amount of Courses to Session"
Accept nCourseAmount
If nCourseAmount>=2
Display "Course will be Sessioned"
Display "minimun of 2 Courses per Session"

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Part 5 Write a critical review of how your product meets the original requirement. Plus time permitted what improvements/alterations would you implement.


We have designed a excel sheet for storing the details of student, course and teacherbut that is not enough to show all the details of the system so we have designed a system for the given scenario in SQL for showing all of the system as per the requirement of the system. In the designed system we can easily show the process as per the requirement of the system and we can easily gather all information in the given system. In excel sheet we have shown only 3 tables which are not connected with each so it not possible to create a relationship between them.

Student Number First Name Course Name
First Name Last Name
Last Name Campus
Address Office Location
City Email
State Phone

Here each tableis not connected with each other so we have to recreate the application MySQL for executing proper out as per the requirement of the system. So we have designed a database in MySQL to show all details of the system and all tables are related to each other as per the requirement and we can easily access each data from the table. All these information is gathered from different sources as per the requirements. All teachers should make coordination between course and the student. First we have to take a meeting and every staff should give a proper responsibility in a particular time. Student should be physically fit and have high energy stamina because they have to be in their feet throughout the whole event from starting to end. Some of the roles of the staff may be welcoming guests and check the entire instrument for damage after use and check the things that are in the list. Responsibilities of teacher is to ready the venue for the courses like setting up bachelor in computer science and bachelor in science, unload the all course details etc. seating arrangements should be as per the code regulations. All these information will be executed at different mode and all the information is arranged properly. So as per the requirement of the application all courses details and student details will be stored and can be retrieved any time from different source and we have inserted live data from different source so that we can check the quality of information in different sources.

And other related information can be retrieved from the SQL queries like if we want to retrieve the information for the teachers the we can easily retrieve information. And we can execute all information should be done as per the requirement of the system and we can easily retrieve different sources details.

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As per the image each software have to cover all these steps as per the requirement of the user in different skills .First we have to know the requirement of the software or product we are going to design. After completing this project we have to test it and give critical review of the system as per the use of it. All the information we have to cover is to execute the details of the product in the system and we have reviewed the system.Keep in mind the age factor, location, demographic, cultural and social significance. We have to plan the performances such that people do not get bored and try to keep their energy level up all the time. We also have to hire a professional person for the event. So we need to cover all details of the system properly and review of the system will also be stored in proper way in different sectors so that we have to cover all requirement of the system in details as per the requirement of the user the software has been designed. All the system in different criteria we have to review all the details of the system in different phases so that we can give review all the parts properly from different sources.







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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria









LO3Demonstrate the use of business intelligence tools and technologies

P3Determine, with examples, what businessintelligence is and the toolsand techniques associatedwith it.


P4 Design a business

intelligence tool, applicationor interface that canperform a

specific task to support

problem-solving ordecision-making at anadvanced level.


M3 Customise the designto ensure that it is userfriendlyand has afunctional interface.

D3 Provide a criticalreview of the design interms of how it meetsa specific user orbusiness requirementand identify whatcustomisation hasbeen integrated intothe design.

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