Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence - Level 4

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Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence - Level 4 Diploma in Business (Marketing)

Task 1

Describe the main stages of the purchase decision making process.

Step 1- Problem recognition

Step 2- Process of search

Step 3- Alternative available

Step 4-Selection

Step-5- Evaluation of decisions

1.2 Explain theories of buyer behavior in terms of individuals and markets.

1.3 Explain the factors that affect buyer behavior.

1.4 Evaluate the relationship between brand loyalties, corporate image and repeat purchasing.

Task 2

2.1 Evaluate different types of market research techniques that could be used to obtain information to bring back M & S shoppers.

2.2 Provide evidence of secondary sources of data relevant to achieve marketing research objectives for M & S.

2.3 Assess the validity and reliability of market research findings in relation to M & S

2.4 Prepare a marketing research plan to obtain information in a given situation (the extent of customer satisfaction at M & S).

Task 4

4.1 Design and complete a customer satisfaction survey

4.2 Evaluate techniques of assessing customer response

4.3 Review the success of a completed survey

Task 3

3.1 Carry out an assessment of market size trends within a selected market of your choice.

3.2 Describe a plan and carry out a competitor analysis for one of the following organizations.

3.3 Using the selected organization in task 3.2, evaluate the opportunities and threats for the product or service chosen in task 3.2.

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