Examining the impact of EU law on Equality

Unit 36 Human Resources - Value and Contribution Assignment Help - Unit 36 Human Resources - Value and Contribution, Level 4 (Diploma in Business)
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Unit 36 Human Resources - Value and Contribution

Level 4

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Definition of HRM


Examining the impact of EU law on Equality consider how it might impact on a Diversity Management approach to Flexiworking.

Compensation and Benefits

Health, Safety & Security

Equality and Diversity

Different perspectives of Human Resource Management

Normative Perspective

Critical Perspective

Behavioral Perspective

Systems Perspective

Transaction Cost Perspective

High Performance Work Systems (HPWS)

Training and Development

Methods of learning and development



Jackson Model Framework

Human Resource

Guest’s Model of HRM

Establishing open communication

Implementing strict safety policies

Coordinating with the management of facilities

Providing Health & Safety Training

Relation of flexi- working with HPWS

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