Managing Human Resources Practices - Level 5

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Managing Human Resources Practices - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)

LO 1: Comprehending the various viewpoints of Human Resource Management

1.1 Define the procedure of adaptation of HRM Guest Model at ABC

1.2 Make a contrast among the definition of Storey's Personnel, HRM, and IR practices followed in ABC with any other organization

1.3 Define the role of the line managers and the employees in ABC who are highly responsible and involved in the development of strategic approach to HRM

LO 2: Comprehending the different path of augmenting flexibility in the place of work

2.1 Describe the procedure of application of flexibility model in the real scenario. How is it applicable to ABC?

2.2 Explain the sorts of flexibility that ABC can develop?

2.3 Make an argument on the context of the assessment of the employment of flexible working practices on the perspective of both the employer and the employee

2.4 How is the flexible working practice at ABC get influenced by the changes in the labor market

LO 3: To clarify the significance of equal opportunity in the place of work

3.1 On the context of ABC describe the different sort of discrimination that may arise in the place of work?

3.2 How does the various legislations of equal opportunities are implied in ABC on practical consequences

3.3 Make a comparison of approaches implemented and adopted by ABC for the management of diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace

LO 4: Comprehending the HRM practices approaches for an organization

4.1 Contrast, research and comment the various methodologies of performance management adopted by ABC

4.2 Make an assessment and conduct a research over the employee welfare management approaches practiced in ABC

4.3 What is the significance of health and safety legislation over the practices of HRM on the context of ABC?

4.4 Investigate the influence of single topical issue over the practices of human resources on the context of the case study and additional investigation of ABC

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