Concept of CSR with reference to Vodafone

Unit 41 Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management Assignment Help - Unit 41 Vodafone Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management - Level 5 HND in Business
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Unit 41 Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management (Vodafone)

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Level 5

Task 1

Question 1 Concept of knowledge management and its role in relationship marketing

Question 2 ICT and ways it supports customer relationship management (CRM)

Question 3 Benefits of customer relationship management in Vodafone

Question 4 Recommendations for the improvement in customer relationship management for Vodafone

Task 3

Question 1 Use of extended marketing mix

Question 2 How the product/service mix can be used toenhance value for the customer and organisation

Question 3 How difficulties peculiar to the marketing of services can be overcome

Question 4 Role of IT in services marketing management

Task 4


Question 1 Current issues of ethical and social concern to marketers in a particular industry

Question 2 Concept of CSR with reference to Vodafone

Question 3 Role played by a selected pressure group in influencing ethical and social marketing policies

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