Discuss about the invest structure of both the companies

Unit 1 Nike Business Environment Assignment Help - Unit 1 Nike Business Environment - Level 4 diploma in business
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Unit 1 Nike Business Environment

Level 4

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Task 1.1

The two companies chosen are Nike and Oxfam.

Type of firm


Task 2.2

Question 1: Discuss about the Nike and Oxfam stakeholders are the investors, management of the firm, employees of the firm, customers of the firm, debtors on the firm, suppliers of the firm. Lastly the potential investors of the firm also form important stakeholders.

Task 2.3

Question 2: Discuss about the Nike and Oxfam management which has been appointed by shareholders and Board of directors.

Task 2.4

Question 3: Discuss about the invest structure of both the companies.

Task 2.5

Question 4: What are the economic factors that is required to know about both firm to be  successful brands.

Task 2.6

Question 5: What are the political stability and political factors for both the firms.

Task 2.7

Question 6: For Nike one of the major stakeholders is customers. Customers need good quality of products from Nike.

Question 7: For Oxfam the shareholders who matter are the people for whom they serve.

Task 2.8

Question 8: For Nike one of the major conditions was the 2008 crisis when the sales of the firm declined and thus the firm was faced with decreasing sales.
For Oxfam there have been a lot of controversies regarding their activities.

Task 2.9

Question 9: Nike has expanded its reach to various countries. Its main source for new revenue growth has been emerging markets.
Oxfam has gained a considerable popularity and has strong presence in many countries.

Task 2.10

Question 10: The chosen business strategy is Nike. Investors form important stakeholder for the firm. Due to demand from investors to have high return firm has invested a lot into new technology and coming up with new products.

Task 2.11

Question 11: People have become more conscious about their health and focusing on their health. As a result people are playing more sports and thus there are chances of increase in the sales of the firm. Also Nike has advertised itself better.

This level 4 assignment explores Nike's internal and external environment, analyzing its impact on organizational success. You'll delve into:

  • Internal environment: Analyze Nike's structure, governance, management, and culture, evaluating their influence on decision-making and performance.
  • External environment: Examine the PESTEL factors (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal) impacting Nike's operations and identify potential opportunities and challenges.
  • Functional areas: Explore how key business functions like marketing, production, and finance contribute to achieving Nike's objectives.
  • Impact on business objectives: Evaluate how Nike's internal and external environment affects its strategic goals, such as market share growth and profitability.

By understanding these factors, you can develop informed strategies for Nike's future success. Your assignment should showcase your critical thinking and analytical skills through:

  • In-depth research: Utilize credible sources and relevant data to support your analysis.
  • Clear and concise communication: Present your findings in a well-organized and easy-to-understand format.
  • Critical evaluation: Analyze the potential consequences of various environmental factors on Nike's business.
  • Recommendations for future action: Based on your analysis, propose strategies for Nike to adapt to changing circumstances and achieve its objectives.

Remember, this assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the business environment and your ability to apply it in a real-world context.

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