Unit 9 Management Accounting

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Unit 9 Management Accounting

Task 1

LO1. Be able to analyze cost information within the business to the task specified

1.1- Classify the different types of cost. How are the costs classified in the case study?

a) Classification of Cost

Function Wise Classification

Behaviour wise classification

1.2- What are the different costing methods? Identify and explain the costing method used by Launch Break ltd?

a) Calculation of Cost of Job no. 336

b) Costing Methods

1.3- How is the cost calculated, using appropriate techniques? What is the costing technique used by the org to calculate its costs?

a) First In First Out Stores Ledger Account(FIFO)

b) Direct Labour Cost

c) Overhead Analysis

d) (i) Budgeted Fixed Overhead absorption Rate

d) (ii) Distinction between Costing Method and Costing Techniques:

1.4- Analyze the cost data of the org focusing on the technique used for the purpose

Task 2

LO2. Be able to propose methods to reduce costs and enhance value within the business 2.1-How are the costs reports prepared and analyzed for Launch break ltd

a) Challenges in preparing Routine Cost Report

b) Cost Report Strategy of Launchbreak Ltd.

2.1- What is the various performance indicators used by the org to identify its potential improvements

a) Target Ratios of Takeaway

b) (i) Comparison of Ratios

b) (ii) Limitations of Use of Ratios

Task 3

LO3. Be able to prepare forecasts and budgets for a business

3.1- Explain the purpose and nature of the budgeting process adopted

3.2- What is the budgeting method used and reflect its needs

3.3- As an accounts manager prepare the required budgets

a) Production Budget

b) Material Purchase Budget

c) Cost of Material

d) Labour Hour Budget

3.4 – Illustrate the cash flow forecast for Launch break and comment on its findings

Task 4

LO4. Be able to monitor performance against budgets within the business

4.1 How are the variances calculated? Identify possible causes and recommend corrective action

a) Calculation of Various Information

(i). Actual price of material per gram.

(ii) Standard usage of material for actual production

(iii) Actual labour rate per hour

(iv) Standard labour hour for actual production=Standard labour hr. per unit*actual units produced.

(v) Budgeted production overhead=Budgeted output*budgeted overhead per unit of output

b) Variance Calculation

(i) Material price variance

(ii) Material usage variance

(iii) Labour Rate variance

(iv) Labour efficiency variance

(v) Fixed overhead expenditure variance

(vi) Fixed overhead volume variance

(vii) Fixed overhead capacity variance

(viii) Fixed overhead efficiency variance

C) Causes of Variance

4.2 Reflect the operating statement and how it is reconciled with the budget and actual result

4.3 Comment on the report findings and address as instructed in the assessment criteria

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