Unit 11 Research Project -Level 5

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Unit 11 Research Project

Level 5


Overview of the Study and the Research Questions

What is social media?

How can it be used for the marketing?

What is the usefulness of social media for the current day marketing activities in comparison to the traditional channels of marketing?

What is the importance as wells influence of social media for the modern day marketing activities?

Importance of the Study

Literature Review

Definition of social media and the way same can be used for the marketing

Usefulness of social media as a marketing channel in comparison to the traditional marketing channels

Importance as well as influence of social media for the modern day marketing activities

Conclusion to Literature Review

Research Methodology

Research Questions

Research Approach and Data Collection Methods

Sample, sampling methods and sample size

Proposed Time Scale

Questionnaire used for the survey

Rate the efficiency of the following types of marketing in a scale of 1 to 5:

Celebrity Endorsement

Direct Marketing

Mass Media Marketing

Online Marketing

Sales and in store marketing

Social Media Marketing

Amongst the following which are the reasons for using social media marketing

Development of two way communications

Having a communication channel which is information rich

Development of customer relation

Effective segmentation and targeting of the customers

What is more attractive for the consumers

Social media advertisements

Traditional media advertisements

Does social media presence help consumers in recognizing the brand?


Slightly disagree

Not sure

Slightly agree


In your opinion, what can be the usefulness and lack of the same in terms of social media marketing?

Limitation of the Research and Areas of Future Research

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