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Training and learning are the methods of gaining knowledge, either with good hand on experiences or with the help of deeper study (Rasley et al., 2020). The chosen area to complete the essay in business management. This essay will be including an elaboration on understanding the learning and teaching principles and theories in business management. There will be a discussion about the ways through which teaching and learning practices could be applied, followed by an analysis of the learnings gained from group communication or communication. The last section of the essay will be including a detailed acknowledgement of the effectiveness of theories and principles application followed by areas of improvement and strengths.

Unit 3 - Theories, Principles and Models in Education and Training

Question: Analyse at least two theories, principles or models of communication and explain ways in which they can be applied to teaching, learning and assessment. Provide examples of different situations including communications and group communications where communications have had a clear impact on teaching and learning or where the impact was negative but where you learnt from the situation.

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Theories, Principles or models of communication in business management in education and training

Solution: There are some theories of communication in business and management which could be identified, which will help in a broader understanding of ways through which these theories could be impacted (Dahlgaard et al., 2018). One such theory is transactional analysis. The theory indicates that there is away and different stages to communicating information. Majorly these come in three different stages which highlight how an adult deal with a child, child to adult and parent to parent. With the involvement of this theory, it is possible in the business situation to understand the demands and clarify the learning from parent to child in a much more concise and clear way (van Poelje and de Graaf, 2021). This theory helps in identifying the situation of individuals working in the company and their mental state while working. Also, they can be applied while teaching as it helps in understanding the mental situation of children. An explanation about it with the help of an example would be in a more concise way. A child has a condition of bipolar situation whereby he gets aggressive at a time which cannot be resolved, in this situation it gets difficult for them to move from one state to another (Erskine, 2018).

Linear analysis is another theory of teaching and learning practices which could be successfully used for training and education. Communication is very important in every situation to make the learners and teachers pass on the information in a much more concise and easier way. This theory helps in transferring information from teacher to learner with the help of access to the learner's language (Norboevnaand Husenovich, 2020). This helps in making the communication flow easier between two people. While applying this theory it is also important the tutors are mindful. While communicating information it gets necessary to create differences to deliver the information in a much-required way with a better interpretation process. This model is also best suited in the situation which best suits the learner's requirements.

Aspect Advantages Limitations
Transactional analysis It allows individuals to converse more effectively. It can aid in getting rid of harmful ideas, emotions, and behaviors. It can assist people in accepting accountability of own ideas and deeds. It can be used to solve a variety of issues. The fact that Transactional analysis calls for a high level of personal and the ability to examine at and observe someone else's attitude, feelings, and functional group puts many customers or individuals at a disadvantage because they might not be able to do so.
Linear analysis The main benefit of linear communication is that it would be frequently unambiguous and simple to comprehend. This reduces misunderstandings and makes it easier for senders to engage their audience. In a linear models, the dependent variable's mean is the only thing considered. The dependent variable's mean and the measurement items are analyzed using generalized linear.


  1. What are some key communication theories, principles, or models that I should consider for this assignment?
  2. How can I clearly link communication theories to teaching, learning, and assessment?
  3. What kind of examples can I provide for the impact of communication on teaching and learning?
  4. Can I reference my personal experiences as a learner in this analysis?
  5. Are there other resources I can use to help with this assignment?

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Question: Discuss the effectiveness of your application of theories and principles of learning and communication, as well as your strengths and areas for improvement.

Effectiveness of principles and theories of communication and learning

Solution: These theories are effective when applied in the proper teaching and learning patterns as it helps in giving the learning to the students in a more empowered way and upgrade their understanding from childlike to adult learning. The model of Lasswell is effective as it helps in including the sections of communication and engaging towards management of the change that could come in the business or the learning and teaching patterns (Khotimah et al., 2022). These models help in accomplishing the goals of learners are accomplished. The course learnings require the plans of its development as per the learning and teaching modules. The models help in understanding the learning patterns in every course, performed to meet the set aims and goals of the learners.

Strengths and areas for improvement
Application of Laswell models is attained to be the strength to complete the learning as it helps me in completing my self learning requirement and accomplishing my needs by meeting my desired goals in a successful and accountable manner. Improvement could be made in learning patterns by me to more precisely understand my self needs and identify how these could be successfully met by the application of different models of learningfor my better success (Gómez and Valdés, 2019).

Another strength of the chosen models and theories which helps me in engaging towards the methods of learning two disorder students as well. With the help of the theories, it could actively be engaged by me that the way the students respond to the questions and generate their inclusivity and actively engage towards the response and identifying the level of understanding (Gómez and Valdés, 2019). These models of theory and learning practices were initiated by me to identify my strengths that were initially I have good self-confidence and expression value which helps me in making the learners understand what the real aim of learners are and how these aims could be successfully met. This was identified by me that the theories and models helped in the briefer evaluation of every lesson so that a precise understanding of the learners could be laid. My weakness is that I need to give more focus towards observing the learners and recording their achievements. This will help me in accommodating where improvement is required and how the steps could be initiated to gain the results desired.

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The essay focused on understanding the theories, principles and methods of learning and teaching practices. These methods helped the essay to identify different theories and models which could be applied by the learners or tutors for their successful goal accomplishment. There was discussion about the effectiveness of the models and theories that could be applied to the successful teaching and learning practices of individuals. At the end of the essay identification of strengths and areas of improvement in the study were laid focus on.

FAQ: Application of Learning and Communication Theories

  1. How effectively do you apply theories and principles of learning and communication?
  2. What are your strengths in applying these theories?
  3. What are some areas for improvement in your application of these theories?
  4. How can you improve your application of these theories in the future?

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